Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

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Target Your Administrative Assistant Cover Letter

The role of an administrative assistant varies widely from company to company. Some assistant positions are entry-level and provide basic customer service and support duties such as:

  • Answering phones
  • Greeting visitors
  • Filing documents and contracts
  • Handling correspondence
  • Scheduling meetings, appointments, and events.

Executive-level positions require more sophisticated administrative assistant cover letters and resumes since executive assistants perform more advanced duties, including preparing reports, interacting with boards of directors, researching issues, and supervising other support staff. While most administrative assistant positions are full time, part-time and virtual assistant jobs are becoming increasingly available.

Education & Training Requirements

Most administrative assistants need to have at least a high school education and basic computer, office, and grammar skills. A variety of technical and vocational schools and community colleges also offer training for administrative assistant and clerical positions. Executive administrative assistants often hold bachelor’s degrees and have worked extensively in support and clerical fields. Many employers will waive educational requirements for a corresponding number of years of experience in administrative support, so be sure that your administrative assistant cover letter and resume includes all of your relevant experience, work history, and training.

Career Rewards

Considering the often-flexible education and job history requirements for administrative assistant jobs, the pay is relatively positive. Median salaries for most administrative assistants is $35,330, with the top 10 percent earning more than $57,000. Executive administrative assistants earn even more with a median salary topping $47,500, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.Finding the best administrative assistant position to suit your own educational and work background while meeting your salary needs takes some research and planning. Once you’ve found relevant job openings, be sure to take a look at our sample administrative assistant cover letter below for tips and ideas on how to best structure and refine your own cover letter.