Medical Technologist Cover Letter Example + Tips

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It can be challenging to get a job as a medical technologist. A certain amount of education and preparation is required to even be considered for the position. This free medical technologist cover letter sample and the tips that follow show how valuable it can be to demonstrate why you are the best candidate for the job.

Dear Mr. Shipley,

In today’s technologically advanced society, the medical field needs technologists who are highly skilled and passionate about helping people. It also needs workers who are willing to work as part of a team and can perform complicated tests. I believe that I possess both the necessary skills and the personality to be an excellent medical technologist.

As a medical laboratory assistant for the past four years, I gained valuable experience in gathering and testing patient samples. I also learned the most current sampling methods and how to properly and professionally interact with both patients and other care givers. It allowed me to develop my skills with using a variety of technical equipment, and I am proficient with medical computer programs.

I recently completed both my bachelor’s degree in medical technology as well as my state board certification, and I was well instructed in the requirements of being a medical technologist. Your job listing mentions many tasks that I am qualified to perform. Accurately analyzing samples, using specialized instrumentation, and following proper protocol for sterilization and infectious specimens are just some of the abilities I confidently display.

I would enjoy the opportunity to bring my talents and knowledge to your team and believe I would be a valuable asset to your company. I appreciate your time and consideration for this position. It would be an honor to discuss this opportunity further during an interview.

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What to Include in a Medical Technologist Cover Letter

Explaining why you should be hired is a crucial part of a good cover letter. Showing how hiring you will benefit the company can help convince the reader to consider you for the position. As this free medical technologist cover letter sample demonstrates, it is also important to include only pertinent information and not ramble.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Medical technologists are required to have a wide range of skills. This free medical technologist cover letter sample shows how pointing out your specific areas of training and experience can give the reader an understanding of why you are the best candidate for the job. While some skills are required, there are additional ones that can improve your eligibility.

● Physical stamina: A medical technologist may have to spend hours on their feet in a laboratory. They can also be required to work irregular hours and take emergency calls.
● Multitasking: Sometimes numerous tests must be performed simultaneously, and it is vital to handle each one properly.
● Detail oriented: A medical technologist must accurately analyze lab reports and carefully examine slides of samples.
● Technology skills: Using medical equipment and computer programs is a large part of a medical technologist’s job.