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Accountant Cover Letter Example

An accountant cover letter is an outline of your career accomplishments as well as your educational background. Every hiring manager who reads your accountant cover letter is going to want to see something that’ll allow your resume to stand out from the others. An accountant cover letter is a very important part of your job hunt.

Job Description for Accountants

An accountant is responsible for monitoring the cash flow into and out of a business. When you start constructing your accountant cover letter, be sure to point out the size of the businesses you’ve worked for. Your accountant cover letter is your first chance to show that you’ve got a wide variety of experience under many different kinds of working conditions. An accountant has to handle payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, purchasing, and government reporting. An effective accountant cover letter shows that you’ve an understanding of each of these elements of running a business and that you’ve the experience necessary to handle changes in government regulations. An accountant cover letter needs to show that you can handle the pressure and responsibility of being in charge of the company’s finances.

Education & Training Requirements

An accountant needs a four-year degree in accounting as well as professional experience in handling a real company’s books. Your accountant cover letter should point out your educational background and also indicate whether or not you’re a CPA, which will be important to many of the hiring managers who’ll read your information. When you’re listing your educational background and corporate training on your accountant cover letter, you need to include everything a hiring manager will need to see. If you leave out anything, then it could cost you a chance at the job you wanted.

Pay Scale

The pay scale range for accountants begins at $39,000 per year at the entry level and can run as high as $111,000 per year for experienced professionals. If you have experience in being a partner in an accounting firm, then be sure to include that on your accountant cover letter as that could qualify you for higher pay. We have several helpful accountant cover letter samples for you to choose from. Use our accountant cover letter guides to make sure that you have your letter done right.

Accountant Cover Letter Sample