Assistant Accountant Cover Letter Example & Templates

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A cover letter is more than just an addendum to your resume; it is your first chance to introduce yourself and convince a potential employer to take your job application seriously. An assistant accountant is called upon to perform a variety of tasks, many time simultaneously. You can see in this free assistant accountant cover letter sample and the following tips that it is important to show potential employers that you are capable of handling this type of job. You can accomplish this by writing your own cover letter that is organized and professional.

Dear Mr. Pascal,

Even in my youth, I was known for being responsible and organized. I enjoy doing many things at once and completing tasks efficiently. As an assistant accountant for your company, I believe that I would be a strong addition to your team.

For the past three years I have worked as a receptionist for a large business. Some of my duties involved keeping records, tracking purchase orders and invoices, and monitoring clients’ accounts. This job allowed me to grow my abilities to multitask and handle the daily operations of a business. I know that these tasks have prepared me to succeed as an assistant accountant.

I have recently earned my associate degree in accounting, and am eager to put my knowledge to practical use as an assistant accountant. As your job listing mentioned, I am prepared to work under pressure and as part of a team. My communication skills and technological savvy will be valuable assets in this role.

As an employee for your company, I would use my education and experience to help the business run smoothly. I am very grateful for your time and consideration of me for this role. I would enjoy discussing this opportunity more with you during an interview.

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What to Include in an Assistant Accountant Cover Letter

A successful cover letter has a clear structure that includes an opening statement, a body paragraph, and a conclusion. Arranging your cover letter this way can allow you to keep it organized so that the reader can easily follow along. As this free assistant accountant cover letter sample shows, it is also important to restrict your cover letter to a single page and be concise to be respectful of your reader’s time.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Although many skills are necessary to be a successful assistant accountant, this free assistant accountant cover letter sample shows that it can be helpful to mention the areas in which you are the most adept. This can allow the reader to decide whether or not you are the best fit for their company.

  • Bookkeeping: The ability to use spreadsheets and databases to collect, record, and maintain information is vital to the role of assistant accountant.
  • Accuracy: An assistant accountant needs to make sure that any figures, postings, and reports they are responsible for are correct.
  • Organizational skills: Being able to stay organized in every area helps to ensure that the company runs smoothly.
  • Multitasking: As an assistant accountant, you must be able to successfully handle many tasks at the same time.