Cost Accountant Resume Examples & Templates

Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW
By Nilda Melissa Diaz, CPRW, Career Advice Expert Last Updated: March 13, 2023
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Manufacturing cost accountants are a valuable part of ensuring the financial side of a company runs smoothly. Accountants are responsible for financial statement preparation, budget forecasting, and even complex data analysis. Although competition for these positions can be intense, an unforgettable resume can help you stand out.

Your resume provides you with a unique chance to let potential employers know just what you have to offer. As a manufacturing cost accountant, you’ll want to showcase specific examples of your time management capabilities, your budget forecasting experience, and your interpersonal skills. Employers also want to know that you’re comfortable working independently when necessary, so make sure you highlight this ability. Remember that your resume provides your first chance to make an incredible impression, so be as specific as possible when explaining your work experience and qualifications.

It’s time to craft an unforgettable resume! Use our manufacturing cost accountants resume templates to guide you on your journey.

cost accountant resume format


Cost Accountant Resume Questions

1. What does a good manufacturing cost accountant resume look like?

A good resume has your name and contact information at the top followed by four sections, as shown in our manufacturing cost accountant resume sample. These sections are professional summary, highlights, work experience, and education. Use a bold title to start each section and create a clean, organized outline.

Write a four to six-line paragraph for the professional summary. All the other sections can use bullet points to enumerate your qualifications and achievements. Keep your statements short and to the point, as resumes should be one page in length.

2. How do you describe computer skills on your manufacturing cost accountant resume?

You can list computer skills in your highlight section. If you are proficient with a software program or have coding skills, give them a bullet point here. You may also describe computer skills in your work experience. If you created Power Point presentations or used an in-house program to distribute quarterly statements, include these items with your other responsibilities. Study our manufacturing cost accountant resume sample for more ideas.

3. How do you optimize your manufacturing cost accountant resume for an ATS?

Many employers use a computer program called an applicant tracking system to screen resumes for keywords. To get your resume past this screening, take two basic steps. First, use a format that is simple and clear. A fancy resume with logos, graphics, and colors can confuse the computer and cause it to reject your resume. Second, search the job listing for keywords that describe the position. Use these keywords in your document by plugging them into your summary, skills, and work experience.

4. What can you do to make your manufacturing cost accountant resume stand out?

To be the leader of the pack, prepare a clean, error-free document that can be quickly scanned. Hiring managers always appreciate resumes that are well-organized and easy to read. Avoid overused adjectives, such as flexible, goal-driven, and self-motivated. Instead try to find more interesting words like adaptable, focused, and takes initiative. Don’t be afraid to add a little personality to your summary. Show the employer how you can fit into their company culture. See our manufacturing cost accountant resume sample for a good example.

5. How do you highlight soft skills on a manufacturing cost accountant resume?

Soft skills can fit into your resume in a number of ways. You can mention one or two in your summary by describing yourself as “reliable” or “accurate.” Include them in your highlights section by creating a bullet point for “innovative problem solving,” for example.

A great way to showcase your soft skills is with your work experience. Responsibilities such as, “listened to and resolved clients’ complaints promptly and efficiently,” shows employers that you can apply your soft skills to real workplace issues. For further assistance, try our resume builder and get step-by-step instructions.

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Resume Text

Elisa Pirandello

123 Fake Street
City, State, Zip Code
Cell: 000-000-0000


Detail-oriented Manufacturing Cost Accountant working independently with minimal supervision. Efficiently analyzing costs associated with the acquisition of raw materials and the production and distribution of assorted products. Specialize in making cost-effective budget recommendations.


  • Financial statement preparation
  • Budget forecasting
  • Proficient in MS Word programs
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Complex data analysis
  • Time management capabilities
  • Proven interpersonal skills

Work Experience

February 2013 to Present
Company Name — City, State
Manufacturing Cost Accountant

  • Test internal controls and maintain related documentation.
  • Prepare journal entries and assist with month-end closings.
  • Perform weekly, monthly and quarterly gross market analysis.
  • Compile data on overall manufacturing costs. November 2010 to February 2013 Company Name — City, State Manufacturing Cost Accountant
  • Prepared quarterly budgets for manufacturing operations and purchases.
  • Coordinated with IT department on various system issues.
  • Sat in on monthly budget meetings and provided PowerPoint presentations to illustrate previous expenditures and highlight any budget concerns for the subsequent quarter.
  • Performed labor routing audits to determine standard cost accuracy.
  • Assisted with internal department reporting.
  • Evaluated costs associated with manufacturing methods, the acquisition of raw materials, production design and services provided.
  • Analyzed inventory and margin reports.
  • Reconciled ledger accounts. November 2007 to October 2010 Company Name — City, State Manufacturing Cost Accountant
  • Conducted research concerning cost analysis and profitability.
  • Prepared analytical studies and presented results in reports that were delivered to clients.
  • Ensured that gross margin schedules were submitted to clients in a timely manner.
  • Worked on special projects for clients as assigned.
  • Reviewed existing accounting software and made recommendations for upgrades or purchases to enable efficient data gathering and analysis.

2010 University of California, City, State Bachelor of Science, Accounting 2007 University of California, City, State Associate’s Degree, Finance