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Babysitter Cover Letter Example

Babysitter Job Description

Babysitters are responsible for caring for children while their parents are away. Babysitters may watch one or more children for a short time so the parents can get things done around the house, or babysitters may watch one or more children for hours or even days while their parents have to be away for work or other engagements. Babysitters are often responsible for all the basic duties parents do to take care of their children on a day-to-day basis. Babysitters often feed, bathe, play with and supervise children.They put them down for naps, and they may even take them on errands. Babysitters sometimes do additional tasks such as preparing meals, cleaning the house, or helping children with their homework. Babysitters may watch children in their own home, or they may go to the children’s home to take care of them there. They may watch children on rare occasions so that the parents can have a date night, or they may watch children consistently, such as during summer break or every day after school.


Babysitters are not required to have any education or official training before they begin watching children. Babysitters can choose to take babysitter courses or get certified in CPR and first aid, but the choice is optional.

Why You Need a Cover Letter

While some families are willing to hire a young friend of the family to babysit for their children on a short-term basis, families that are looking for a full-time babysitter tend to be much pickier about who they hire. Having a babysitter cover letter is a great way for a person who wants a babysitter job to put his or her best foot forward and explain why he or she is the best person for the job.With a babysitter cover letter, babysitters can let parents see a glimpse of their personality and their babysitting style so parents can decide if the babysitter would be a good fit for their family. Resumes are generally too fact-based and impersonal, and while they are important, they do not let parents really get to know the future babysitter. Cover letters like the sample below, on the other hand, let babysitters really express their personality and their passion.

Babysitter Cover Letter Sample