To start your journey toward a dream job, you need to land an interview. To do so, you need an amazing CV to catch the eye of hiring managers and stand out from the crowd of other applicants. With the help of a sample CV, such as the Drupal developer CV example below, you can understand what details you should include and how you should present such items as work experience, education, and skills. Read the additional tips below to ensure your CV is polished and professional as you write.


Crystal Simmons

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Drupal developer with six years of experience in site building, and frontend and backend development. Skills in theming, as well. Driven to provide excellent service and high-quality coding to create secure and functional sites for clients. Expert in Drupal and up to date on the latest developments and versions. Managed several projects for large corporate clients using both Drupal 7 and 8, including full Drupal deployment services. Earned the Outstanding Developer award three years in a row for high customer satisfaction ratings. Secured two high-profile clients, which led to a feature on our company in a major magazine.

  • Proficient in managing clients’ requests throughout a project -Superior customer service skills
  • Optimal time management skills necessary to work on multiple projects at one time
  • Exceptional at working under pressure and meeting deadlines
  • Excellent team leader and ability to manage dynamic temperaments
Work Experience
Drupal Developer
2015 – present


  • Manage upgrade projects for clients moving from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8.
  • Develop new capabilities for sites.
  • Maintain site configurations and stability through debugging.
  • Build multiple Drupal modules and leverage existing modules.
  • Configure customer sites to meet their specific needs.
  • Secure customer sites through installing and configuring Drupal coding.
  • Work on Drupal front and back end development, along with theming.


Senior Web Developer


  • Created coding for websites.
  • Managed features and other add-ons per client request.
  • Mentored junior developers, and implemented a bi-monthly meeting to support their projects and goals.
  • Studied trends in the field and analyzed how to apply them to current projects.
  • Developed user interfaces.


Junior Web Developer


  • Analyzed clients’ needs to design websites that meet their requirements.
  • Wrote code in JavaScript, HTML, and CSS to be developed by senior programmers.
  • Debugged programs to reduce downtime occurrences by 15 percent in one year.
  • Created user manuals to improve end-user understanding.
  • Maintained developed websites.
  • Trained clients on how to use programs, and received top scores from client surveys.




Acquia Certified Developer Drupal 8


Master in Computer Science


The University of Texas at Austin
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy creating and playing computer games. Run a blog reviewing and offering tips on current top video games. Play softball for a local community team. Volunteer at a local no-kill animal shelter. Have trained three companion dogs and currently am training a new one who will work as a seeing-eye dog. Participate in AKC-acknowledged companion dog shows at least once a year.


Drupal Developer Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Drupal Developer Do?

Drupal is a type of content management software. It is used to create powerful, feature-rich websites, and it is known for being a very secure CMS. A Drupal developer will install Drupal for clients or upgrade existing Drupal systems. The developer is responsible for meeting client guidelines and requests to give the client exactly what he or she wants. A developer will also configure web pages and manage security to create enhanced features for the end user. Some developers will also work on theming, which is how the website looks to the end user. As a Drupal developer, you will need to be able to understand many programming languages and work under pressure to meet deadlines. As shown in the Drupal developer CV example, your CV needs to highlight your skills in languages, programming, and development.

Tips for Creating a Great Drupal Developer CV

As you work on creating your own CV, here are some tips that can come in handy:

  • Do proofread your CV. Spell check cannot and will not catch every mistake. Words that are spelled correctly yet used incorrectly are a good example of something only caught by the human eye.
  • Do make sure you highlight all the computer skills that you have. Include them in the work experience section to showcase how you have successfully used these skills to really impress hiring managers.
  • Do not use the same wording. Try to come up with a variety of action verbs to present your work experience and skills.
  • Do not include anything controversial or that could be mistaken as political or religious. However, you should include some personal information in the hobbies and interests section to help hiring managers understand what you do in your off time.
  • Do include certifications if you have any. Some employers will look for those with Drupal certification. This can go in the education section or its own certification section.

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