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Getting to the sweet spot in your career can be challenging when you are a SQL developer. There are many positions that want SQL abilities as part of their employee’s skill sets, but usually are lower level support positions with a very minimal focus.

Make sure that you get what you want in your next developer position by showing recruiters and hiring managers your advanced level programming, management, and technical skills. Take a look at this SQL developer CV example as a guide to putting together a professional CV that will highlight your professional talents.

Viktor Amundsen

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

SQL development professional with strong verbal and written communication skills and solid analytical skills for writing relational database solutions for businesses. A self-starter who is able to work independently or lead a team to a collaborative solution, I am a fully certified SQL developer with C# and ETL extract experience.

  • -Advanced level proficiency in MSSQL. -Intermediate knowledge of SQL 2014 and SQL 2016. -Clear communicator in verbal and written English. -Experienced with multiple development platforms and software languages. -Strong batch file manager and application designer. -Dynamic presentation and collaboration skills.
Work Experience
SQL Developer
2015 – Present


  • Modify C ++ code by using C#.
  • Work with business analyst groups to ascertain their database reporting needs.
  • Take the database reporting needs and turn them into powerful SQL queries that will extract data and compile it into meaningful reports.
  • Perform data loads and routine updates on an ongoing basis.
  • Develop database application forms using MS Access in coordination with SQL tables and stored procedures.
  • Manage multiple projects at one time.


SQL Report Developer – 2
013 – 2015


  • Determined the software specifications of customers by actively listening to what their system needs were.
  • Wrote SQL queries in MSSQL Server 2005.
  • Utilized Visual Studio 2012 in order to develop dynamic reports.
  • Developed MS Access applications using Access for the front end and SQL in the back end.


SQL Support / Developer – 2011 – 2013
  • Served as the initial contact person for all SQL support queries.
  • Performed updates to the SQL system as assigned by management.
  • Collaborated with business support professionals to provide full system maintenance.
  • Improved the experience of software users by soliciting feedback and making software improvements.
  • Supported code activations and updated business tool applications per company requirements.
  • Delivered database deployment through the whole system lifecycle.





Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering


University of Oregon
City, State
Certification in Database Development


Hobbies and Interests

When not writing code, I am involved in a local beekeeping collective. In addition to maintaining my own hives and harvesting honey, I advise beginning beekeepers on best practices and help them to troubleshoot bee hive issues.

Questions for Your SQL Developer CV

 How do you write an objective statement for an SQL developer CV?

Objective statements are pretty much a thing of the past; the summary statement has replaced this short blurb. There are three situations when it would be appropriate to use an objective statement in your curriculum vitae. These situations are when you’re applying for your first job, making a change in your career path, or re-entering the workforce after a long absence.

Whether you’re writing an objective statement that tells potential employers what you hope to gain or a summary statement that showcases your most impressive selling points as an employee, stick to about three sentences or bullets. Identify your professional title and use descriptive verbs to give hiring managers a glimpse of your value. Read through our SQL developer CV sample for a great example.

 How do you write the qualifications section of an SQL developer CV?

Choose between four and six qualifications that show why you’re the best applicant for the job. One of the best ways to identify your strongest attributes is to read through the job description. In our SQL developer CV sample, the applicant used a mix of technical and soft skills. The jobseeker kept each listing concise, focusing on skills that thoroughly describe the work expected in the workplace.

 How should you present software knowledge on an SQL developer CV?

Just about every industry today requires some software knowledge and the more you’re familiar with pertinent software, the better. The skills list is a great place to include your tech abilities and be sure to show your use of relevant programs throughout your work history. In addition to listing the software you’re versed in, illustrate your technical skills in technical writing, data analysis, programming, project management, and social media.

 What can you do to make your SQL developer CV stand out?

There are some common mistakes jobseekers make on their CVs. These include making spelling and grammar mistakes, adding embellishments, and neglecting to cut out unnecessary information. Although CVs are more comprehensive than resumes, it is still in your best interest to keep your writing concise and focused.

Begin with your name and contact information in a prominent position and follow up with a short, impactful professional statement. Use bullets effectively and balance them with paragraphs for a result that is pleasant to read. You can see a clear emphasis on pertinent experience in our SQL developer CV sample. Keep your education section short and only include relevant training, licensing, and certifications. Finally, don’t forget that you can add a hobbies section in your document.

 How do you optimize your SQL developer CV for an ATS?

Many employers today use an applicant tracking system, which is a tool that screens applicants based on keywords and other factors. Using the wrong font choice or complicating the design of your document could trigger the software to bypass your CV. On the other hand, carefully proofreading for errors; sticking to standardized fonts, designs, and formatting; and including keywords taken straight from the job description are great steps toward making it past the ATS. Use our resume builder tool to create a customized CV that work well with ATS software.

SQL Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a SQL Developer Do?

As the standard operating language for the management of relational databases, SQL expertise is in demand for a broad array of industries. A SQL developer uses this structured query language to write software to communicate with databases. In addition to writing software, a SQL developer optimizes and debugs existing software code to maintain or update it. This type of developer can also be involved in the testing of completed code before it goes live in a computer system.

Developers of this type may also participate in designing the architecture of the system and provide direction regarding software design and implementation. Collaboration with teams and responsibility for project timelines involve more experienced SQL developers. The successful applicant to a SQL developer position has to have well-rounded experience in communication, reasoning, and technical applications. This SQL developer CV example will show how you can present a complete picture of your attributes.

Tips for Creating a Great SQL Developer CV

To create an enviable SQL developer CV, you need to not only promote the technical knowledge that you possess but also how you leverage your skills in a dynamic and demanding workplace. Here are some other tips to craft your best CV ever:

  • Many skilled information technology professionals have multiple certifications to their credit. For clarity’s sake, only list certifications that are germane to the position you are applying for.
  • Make sure to always check your CV’s grammar and spelling, and re-read your CV multiple times to ensure that the document is easy to read and professional.
  •  Show how you take ownership of a project by listing examples in your work experience that display your sense of responsibility.
  • Make sure that your contact information on your CV is updated and correct. If you are applying for a position that is with the same company that you are currently working for, feel free to use your work contact information.


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