When job recruiters have to read through dozens of job applications, they want to see something they have not seen before. That is why you cannot settle for writing a basic CV that only scratches the surface of all you have accomplished. You want to create a CV that goes in depth about what you have done in the past, and the test manager CV example below offers a good sample of that. It will not take long to review the example CV and accompanying tips, and you will feel a lot better about the CV you ultimately write.


Sharon Orrick

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Experienced test manager with a track record of locating bugs in programs before they are released into the marketplace. Able to troubleshoot on a variety of mobile devices. Exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to find creative solutions to issues. Excellent leadership skills to train others how to carry out the numerous processes that are needed.

  • Effective programming skills and ability to code
  • Able to lead a team by conducting effective monitoring on everyone to ensure people work productively
  • Prowess with systems evaluation to determine if corrective action needs to be taken
  • Familiarity with a wide array of different types of software, including HP Quality Center and Quick Test Pro
  • Knowledge regarding how to effectively troubleshoot personal computers and mobile devices
Work Experience
Test Manager
October 2014 – Present


  • Write bug reports and submit them to developers to correct problems.
  • Develop regression script that allows team to find bugs more quickly and reduce turnaround time for filing reports by 25 percent.
  • Manage team of testers to pinpoint issues in a program and hold individuals accountable when a bug is overlooked.
  • Created a system where a program is reviewed twice by two different individuals; this system has proven to be incredibly advantageous and has made team much more productive.
  • Ensure all deadlines are met when it comes to submitting bug reports.



Test Engineer
December 2012 – October 2014


  • Identified problems and created reports to submit to supervisor.
  • Documented different test procedures to see which ones were most effective at locating issues.
  • Conducted compatibility tests for network environments, various operating systems, and software programs.
  • Updated test scripts to ensure they were running most current version of software.



Software Quality Engineer
June 2009 – December 2012


  • Evaluated software to see which ones would be best for company’s operations and offered feedback on each.
  • Worked with customers to troubleshoot issues and find solutions quickly.
  • Performed historical analyses to determine when problems were likely to occur in order to get ahead of the problem.
  • Created an efficient database of issues that required call backs later on.





Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science


Idaho State University
City, State


Hobbies and Interests

I offer my services at the local community college where I lead free workshops to teach people how to understand the basics of computer technology. This includes lessons on how to troubleshoot problems that come up and how to utilize basic programs, such as Photoshop or video editing software.



Test Manager Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Test Manager Do?

Test managers oversee a team that performs troubleshooting on a company’s software programs to determine if they are ready for the marketplace. These managers also play a role in performing IT work for the company itself and finding solutions when systems crash. Part of the troubleshooting process may involve developing unique programs that make the identification of bugs much easier, so test managers may be expected to create their own software. Being proactive, test managers usually conduct routine tests on a company’s systems to ensure they are still working as efficiently as possible, and they may make recommendations to management when a new system needs to be installed. All this and everything stated in the test manager CV example is within the realm of possibility, so make sure you state you are capable of handling all these tasks.

Tips for Creating a Great Test Manager CV

Here are some more tips to keep in mind as you are creating your CV using our CV maker:

  • Use bullet points and appropriate margins throughout your CV to make it look attractive on the page.
  • Emphasize your background and familiarity with various types of technology. Even if the prospective employer does not use a certain type of software, it will be beneficial if you show you are well-rounded.
  • For a managerial position like this one, you need to state that you are effective with communication and leading a team.
  • Within Work Experience, your most current position should have more important responsibilities than positions you held years ago. This shows growth.
  • For the Hobbies section, you want to focus on something that emphasizes your technological prowess or leadership skills. For instance, the example above mentions leading workshops, which emphasizes the applicant’s ability to lead a group.

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