Many people find the job search and application process to be an intimidating experience. The key is to get the attention of employers and stand out from the other candidates, and the best way to approach this task is to create a strong and notable curriculum vitae.

The technical business analyst CV example listed below is designed to help you with your own CV. Learn about what to include in regard to your work history, professional traits, skills, and education. There are also several writing tips to help with the expected CV standard format.

Phillip Chapman

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Motivated and knowledgeable business analyst with extensive experience and understanding of business development and growth. Prioritizes a strong attention to small details to ensure nothing is overlooked, incorporating excellent communication techniques to make analysis information is always clear and accurate. History in the accounting and IT departments to gain a well-rounded understanding of business operations. A candidate with nearly 10 years of experience in corporate environments developing extensive operational comprehension and techniques.

  • Extensive market and business operations knowledge -Excellent critical thinking, analysis, and decision making
  • Familiar with high corporation management and operations
  • Adaptive communication skills, both written, oral, and interpersonal
  • Attention to detail, organized, and administrative expert
Work Experience
Technical Business Analyst
2015 to present



  • Examine internal and external data to gain insight in market trends and shifts.
  • Compile report of business information and make a presentation at monthly board meetings.
  • Perform consultancy duties for nearly all departments and provide insight into future projections.
  • Ensure all departments are working in tandem by communicating between department heads and coordinating different branches.
  • Enabled recovery of three percent of losses and increased sales by seven percent.

Finance Accountant
2013 to 2015



  • Reviewed financial information, making adjustments to documents and forms.
  • Created financial reports and managed spending.
  • Coordinated with accounting team to ensure all tasks were completely quickly and efficiently.
  • Reduced spending by more than five percent through effective and creative cuts.

IT Technician
2009 to 2013




  • Performed initial network setup and ensured it was properly established.
  • Scheduled and executed maintenance.
  • Coordinated IT department with the rest of the corporation.
  • Answered support calls on a daily basis, providing technical information in order to aid other employees to complete their own work quicker.
  • Compiled IT information into reports to be delivered to department heads.



Master of Business Operations


University of San Francisco
Bachelor of Finance


University of San Francisco
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy running every day to remain fit. I also read business magazines so I can keep myself informed on the current state of the market. When I have the time to do so, I like to travel and immerse myself in different cultures.


Questions for Your Technical Business Analyst CV

 How should you structure your technical business analyst CV?

A CV should present your professional qualifications including skills, work experience, and education to employers. Take a look at our technical business analyst CV sample to see all of the major sections in context. In addition to organizing the information presented in these sections, you can use formatting to reinforce the structure of your document.

The candidate on our sample uses titles, bold subtitles, horizontal lines, and bullet points to make the structure of this document immediately apparent. If you aren’t sure how to visually structure your CV, try our perfect resume builder.

 How do you describe computer skills on your technical business analyst CV?

Technical business analysts are likely to rely on software and online tools to gather and analyze data. If the position you want emphasizes the technical side of this career, your professional summary and skills sections should reflect this priority.

The candidate on our technical business analyst CV sample addresses his business abilities in his summary statement, but his computer skills are evident in his work experience section. In his current position, he examines and analyzes data, compiles reports, and engages in professional communications. He has also worked as an IT technician in the past.

 How do you highlight soft skills on a technical business analyst CV?

A candidate who describes soft skills on his or her CV may be more attractive to employers. These skills pertain to your personality, professional priorities, and values. A technical business analysis will likely need hard business and data analysis skills to succeed, but soft skills are not less challenging or important.

The candidate on our technical business analyst CV sample points out his attention to detail, reliance on communication techniques, and organization skills in his summary statement and skills section. If you choose to include hobbies and interests at the end of the document, this section can reinforce the hard and soft skills on your CV.

 How do you describe achievements on your technical business analyst CV?

If you have received recognition for skills that are relevant to the job you want, you might bring up this achievement in the summary statement or qualifications section. List accomplishments in past positions in the appropriate entry of your work experience section. You may also create a separate section for achievements to draw attention to honors you have received throughout your training and career.

 How do you make a technical business analyst CV for a first job?

A CV for a first job should focus on skills you have gained over the course of your education. Customize your summary or objective statement and qualifications section for the analyst position you want. You might consider writing an objective statement that declares your purpose in seeking employment in place of a summary statement in which you bring up parts of your background and qualifications that are relevant to an analyst position.

Describe extracurricular involvements, work-study positions, or leadership roles in the experience section on your CV. Try to include at least one or two entries and bring up responsibilities, hard and soft skills, and accomplishments in the bullet-pointed list under each entry.

Technical Business Analyst CV Must-Haves

What Does a Technical Business Analyst Do?

The role of a technical business analyst varies quite a bit. The title frequently refers to multiple types of professionals, which means it is vital to review the job posting carefully before applying. Traditionally, business analysts were tasked with compiling, analyzing, and ultimately formatting business information and data into a form useful to IT developers.

With technology advancing, it is getting more and more common for this role to be applied toward open-ended business applications. Business analysts may create reports for operations manager or even CEOs to offer insight and improve success. Ultimately, any professional who manipulates information in some way may be called a technical business analyst. This means critical thinking, organization, and analysis skills should be clearly emphasized on your CV. These elements are made clear and exemplified in the technical business analyst CV example above.

Tips for Creating a Great Technical Business Analyst CV

In addition to the content of your CV, the formatting is vital to its success. These tips will help you in this regard:

  • Do be as specific as possible. Using real metrics and statistics in your CV is a good way to improve your credibility as well as give employers a solid idea of what kind of employee you really are.
  •  Do not ignore the length of your CV. It is generally recommended for a CV to be one full page and no more. If you have an especially long work history that makes it difficult to fit it on one page, two may be used instead. A rule of thumb is one page for every 10 years of work experience.
  • Do prioritize your experience section. It should include the most and strongest information.
  • Bullet points within the experience section should all begin with a strong action verb. Additionally, all information should be written in past tense, with the exception of positions that are held currently. List jobs in reverse chronological order.

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