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When you’re writing a CV, your goal is to quickly catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers to guarantee a chance to prove yourself in an interview. A great way to determine if your CV is ready to help you achieve your goal is to review a Pharmacist CV example like the one below. This helps you know what information to include, what the format should be, and which categories should be highlighted. To write a flawless CV, use the example and CV tips in this section and create your own tailored CV or job application.


Joshua Smith

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Skilled pharmacist with exceptional organization skills, strong interpersonal communication ability, and extensive knowledge of medications and their use. Experienced pharmacist places a strong focus on attention to detail and excels in accuracy to guarantee patients are cared for and prescribers have confidence. Dedicated professional ensures that all safety protocols and security measures are adhered to in meeting the high standards of the field.

  •  Excellent communication and active listening skills to ensure that patients and customers understand their medications and how to take them.
  •  Extensive education and training to guarantee that I am constantly up to date on the newest research and information regarding medications.
  • Ability to hear and understand what others are saying, and oral expression skills that allow me to explain a complicated topic in a simple way that they can understand.
  • Strong sensitivity to problems that may arise when issues with prescribers, patients or drug companies are present.
  • Intense focus and attention to detail to minimize mistakes and unnecessary expenses for both the drug companies and the pharmacy.
  • Exceptional social perception, facilitating the understanding of concerns and issues of both patients and prescribers as they arise.
  • Instructing skills that allow me to teach others how to do things better rather than just doing jobs for them.
Work Experience
Hospital Pharmacist
June 2016 – Present


  • Offer information to patients regarding dosage, side effects, drug interaction, and appropriate storage practices.
  • Maintain patient profiles, inventories, pharmacy files, and other records.
  • Reduce pharmacy waste by enacting better protocols for inventory and storage.
  • Assess the strength, purity, and identity of medications.

Pharmacy Technician
April 2013 – June 2016


  • Maintained security conditions and proper storage for medications and drugs.
  • Received refill requests and written prescriptions and ensured that information was accurate and complete.
  • Completed six months with zero errors on tag typing and filing.

Pharmacy Aide
August 2012 – April 2013



  • Answered customer questions and helped them find merchandise.
  • Stored and inventoried pharmaceutical medications and supplies and made note of medications that were expired.
  • Improved employee morale by scheduling monthly staff meetings to go over accomplishments and highlights.


Doctor of Pharmacy
May 2016


Ohio State University
Board of Pharmacy Specialties Certification
August 2016


Hobbies & Interests

I am extremely interested in the development of procedures to counteract prescription drug addiction and to keep medications safe from patients that would abuse them. Computers are a hobby of mine, and I am skilled in working with several different programs and databases. I enjoy hiking, kayaking and biking, and anything that is done outdoors. I love sports but am partial to basketball and soccer. I also enjoy spending time with my wife, two kids and dog when I have free time.


Questions for Your Pharmacist CV

1. What does a good pharmacist CV look like?

A good pharmacist CV features an eye-catching design, bold and un-bolded text, and plenty of white space to offset text sections. To see a good example of a pharmacist CV, check out our pharmacist CV sample. After you go over this sample, try to format your own document so it is similar, but input your own personal information, skills, work experiences, and education.

After you’re done, proofread your CV a final time to ensure you didn’t miss any grammatical errors or typos.

2. How do you list certifications on your pharmacist CV?

As a pharmacist, you may possess certification that qualifies you to work as a licensed pharmacist. As you can see from our pharmacist CV sample, the candidate lists that he has a “Board of Pharmacy Specialties Certification.” He also states when he earned this certification and where it is from. Make sure you name the official title of any certifications you possess on your CV as well as the date you earned them and the school you attended.

3. What format should your pharmacist CV be in?

Most CVs have a few basic sections, which include a header, a work experience section, a skills section, and an education section. You should follow this same format to make sure your CV provides potential employers with enough information and helps your qualifications and special skills stand out.

If you need help formatting your CV, try out our customized resume builder. All you have to do is input your information and you’ll be ready to get back to your job search in just a few minutes.

4. What technical skills should you put on a pharmacist CV?

As a pharmacist, you likely possess many technical skills related to common job duties in the pharmacy industry, such as maintaining medication inventories, reducing pharmacy waste, and maintaining patient profiles. These are just a few of the technical skills mentioned on our pharmacist CV sample and they may also be a good fit for your own CV.

While you draft your CV and input various technical skills, you should also think about what soft skills you want to add to this document. These include general skills that can make you an attractive candidate, such as intense focus, attention to detail, and the ability to communicate effectively with patients.

5. How do you write the header of a pharmacist CV?

When potential employers pick up your CV, one of the first things they see is your document’s header. This section of your CV should include your full name, current address, phone number, and email address, and it should sit at the very top of the document.

To make your header stand out, you may want to put your name in larger, bold text and make your contact information smaller with un-bolded text. Before you submit your CV, make sure all of this information is correct so hiring managers are able to contact you easily.

Pharmacist CV Must-Haves

What Does a Pharmacist Do?

To write a strong pharmacist CV, you must have an in-depth understanding of the different responsibilities and tasks that are given to a pharmacist in any setting. As a pharmacist, your main tasks are to dispense prescription drugs that are prescribed by health care professionals, answer questions patients have about medication use, storage, or dosage, and advise health care personnel regarding selection, interactions, dosage, and side effects that are common with certain medications.

You will also maintain medical records and review prescriptions to ensure that no mistakes are made and that all inventory is accounted for. A pharmacist must always follow legal and policy requirements when labeling, packaging, or mixing prescription medication. Use this pharmacist CV example to see how to incorporate this information in your CV.

Tips for Creating a Great Pharmacist CV

Use the following tips to ensure your pharmacist CV is up to par:

  • Remember that format and presentation matter when it comes to writing a CV.
  • Don’t leave out background you have in technology, databases, or filing systems.
  • Highlight training, education, or experience with dentistry, medicine, chemistry, biology, or mathematics.
  • Focus on interpersonal communication skills to demonstrate your ability to actively listen and communicate with patients.
  • Keep in mind that a pharmacist must be precise, detail-oriented, and organized while remaining friendly and approachable to physicians, patients, and other pharmacy employees.
  • Don’t fudge dates so you can leave out work history gaps. Include in your CV any gaps in your work or employment history, but don’t explain why you left certain positions. Save that discussion for the interview, and only address the issue if the interviewer asks about it.
  • Sell yourself in your opening statement to guarantee that you catch the hiring manager’s attention in just a few sentences, and be sure to show your personality during a phone or face-to-face interview.

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