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In the digital world, one way to demonstrate your technological know-how is with a properly formatted CV. The important parts of a CV, the Professional Summary, Work Experience, Education, Skills, and Interests, each have their own standard format to make a recruiter’s job easier. The following PL SQL developer CV example demonstrates the proper formatting for a CV so you know where to start. Use the later tips to determine what to include in of your own professional history. This increases the chance that a recruiter will choose your CV out of the available ones for an interview.

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TeressaM. Piolla

9876 South Monroe Blvd. , San Francisco, CA 10101

E: P: 555-222-2020

Professional Summary

Experienced software developer with four years of experience in database architecture. Extensive knowledge of database clusters, backup, and recovery. Skilled with multiple Apache software systems, jQuery, Prolog, and Ubuntu. Dedicated team member with great communication and mediation skills. Able to work long hours to ensure database access for coworkers.

  • ?Accomplished problem solver with the ability to focus on a single task for long periods of time.?Excellent reading comprehension skills with the ability to quickly learn new software languages.?Skilled in using SQL/PSM, SSP, PL/SQL, SAP HANA, 4D QL, and T-SQL.?Competent with analyzing the possible outcomes of different actions and choosing the best one.?Able to explain complex problems to non-software engineers and assist in troubleshooting.?Person of great integrity with experience keeping internal practices confidential.
Work Experience
Database Architect
June 2013 – January 2017

  • Analyzed existing database structure and suggested changes to improve access speed by 15 percent.
  • Developed secondary backup system when data was moved from older machines to newer hardware.
  • Optimized the use of local cloud structures for quicker access to commonly requested information sets.
  • Kept up-to-date with database best practices and language usage.

Database Assistant –
July 2010 – May 2013

  • Evaluated existing systems and offered analysis for backup and storage improvements.

  • Observed database errors and presented possible solutions.

  • Discussed data needs with others to ensure database provided best possible usability.

Freelance Web Developer – February 2009 – May 2010

  • Designed websites for local musicians with easy-update features so they could manage the site once created.
  • Updated websites for the local library and other civil groups.
  • Maintained great customer relationships with the majority of work coming via referrals.

SAP Certified Application Associate
June 2015

SAP America
CCNP Cloud Certification
April 2015

Cisco Systems
Hobbies and Interests

Avid reader with subscriptions to Database Journal, Information Today, and Discover Magazine. Regularly consult with others to learn about new developments in the software world. Part owner and investor in a local coffee shop where only Free Trade beans are used. Always on the lookout for people in need of investors or extra hands in their entrepreneurial endeavors. Owner of two black labs who enjoy jogging at the local greenway.

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PL SQL Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does a PL SQL Developer Do?

Structured Query Languages, shortened to SQL, are important to database creation, structure, and maintenance. A PL SQL developer understands how to mold these languages for use in a variety of situations and applications. SQL developers are often responsible for creating a database from scratch or maintaining one for a company, such as what a database administrator does. In either job, attention to detail, extensive computer knowledge, and problem-solving skills are highly sought after qualities. When listing work experience, be sure to highlight analytic skills and the ability to communicate both with peers and those less technologically inclined. It is also important to mention which common database and SQL experience you have, as with the above PL SQL developer CV example. This example and the accompanying tips are a good place to start whether crafting a CV for the first time or updating an existing one.

Tips for Creating a Great PL SQL Developer CV

– Avoid using the same words over and over in your work experience. If you are including similar jobs, use a thesaurus to add diversity to your CV.
– Use metrics whenever possible. Some examples include customer satisfaction ratings and days without a safety issue.
– Do not use your high school diploma to pad your education section. However, if this is your only degree, include it and list any important or unique courses taken.
– Double check that all dates and contact information is correct. That includes making sure no numbers or letters are transposed in your phone number, email, or home address.
– Unless you are applying for an internal position, do not use your work email for job inquiries. Use a personal email, and create a new one if your current one sounds unprofessional.
– Print your CV and read it out loud to one or more people. Another way to catch errors is to have multiple people look over your CV and read it for themselves.