Resume Templates: Aircraft Mechanic Resume


There is a lot of competition for aircraft mechanic positions, so you’ll need a top flight resume on deck to get the job you’re after. A resume that clearly lays out your skills and experience will help you to rise to the top of the applicant pile. An effective aircraft mechanic resume begins with a succinct summary and a few highlights and goes on to list the experience that makes you a strong candidate.

Use your resume summary and highlights sections to call attention to any specialized expertise and any certifications or licenses you hold. The highlights section should also note your familiarity with federal, state, and corporate safety regulations. In addition to your technical skills, your resume needs to note your experience with keeping data logs, maintenance records, and equipment status updates.

Ready to get your job search off the ground? Have a look at our aircraft mechanic resume sample for more inspiration.

Resume Templates: Aircraft Mechanic Resume

Aircraft Mechanic Resume Questions

1. How do you write an aircraft mechanic resume?

A typical aircraft mechanic resume sample will contain a summary section, followed by sections emphasizing your skills, work experience and education. Following this basic outline ensures that you will include enough information to allow recruiters to make an informed decision in regard to your candidacy.

Before you begin writing, think of those key elements (e.g., specific skills, a certain previous position) that you need to be in your document. After that, make a list of secondary elements. Then include each of them in their appropriate sections. If you have to remove information to achieve the ideal length, omit those secondary elements only.

2. How long should an aircraft mechanic resume be?

Recruiters typically do not have time to thoroughly read through every resume they receive. Ultimately, you may have only about a minute to convey everything you need to convince them of your qualifications. Thus, it is the quality of the content you should focus on, not the quantity.

You can realistically fit all of the information needed to make a strong impression on to a single page. Focus on main points, omitting any information that does not directly apply to the job you are seeking.

3. How do you describe computer skills on your aircraft mechanic resume?

It is critical that you convey any technical skills you possess in your resume. Even if you are not familiar with the exact applications and programs a company uses, showing that you have computer skills displays that you have baseline understanding you can build upon.

When reviewing a standard aircraft mechanic resume sample, you will notice that the applicants convey technical skills in language that demonstrates a familiarity with programs yet is still easy for a layman to understand. Only use the names of specific programs common throughout your industry. Otherwise, just state the types of applications you are familiar with (e.g., simulation systems, calibration programs).

4. How many bullet points do you include with each job in an aircraft mechanic resume?

Again, you do not have the space to include every detail of every previous job you have held. Think of your most important accomplishments you achieved with your previous employers, as well as a couple of job duties that may also apply to the position you are applying for. Organize them into four to five bullet points, erring on the fewer side if space becomes limited.

Be sure to include detailed metrics that offer context to your professional achievements. A resume builder program can show you the perfect way to do this.

5. How do you make an aircraft mechanic resume with no experience?

If you are seeking your first job in the aircraft industry, do not worry; the people reviewing your application were once in your same position. That said, their empathy towards your inexperience can only go so far. You need to show them how your education and skill set make up for your lack of a relevant work history.

Having an aircraft mechanic resume sample to reference really comes in handy in this instance. It can show you how to best convey your confidence in your abilities to succeed in a position by bolstering your summary statement, educational details, and skills section.

Cheers to you for studying the Aircraft Mechanic resume sample! See our Aircraft Mechanic cover letter sample to finish your application.

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Resume Text

Mark Thurgood 100 Broadway Lane

New Parkland, CA, 91010

Cell: (555) 987-1234



Passionate Aircraft Mechanic skilled in the maintenance, repair, inspection and testing of diverse military and civilian aircraft. Proficient in operational checkups, regulation and safety compliance, and assembly/disassembly. Specializes in the maintenance and testing of structural and electrical aircraft components


    — Assembly/Disassembly operations
    — Clean and repair aircraft components
    — Operate on critical aircraft structures
    — Compliance with federal/corporate/state directives
    — Order, stock, and organize tools
    — Collaborative
    — Organized
    — Flexible and committed


Work Experience

February 2010 to November 2014 Cityland Aeronautics — New Cityland, CA Aircraft Mechanic
  • Analyzed and interpreted aircraft schematics, assembly, and technical specifications and implemented aircraft operations
  • Worked with precision measurement instruments to conduct detailed aircraft inspections and tests
  • Conducted tolerance assembly operations
  • Documented equipment status logs, repair and maintenance actions November 2004 to January 2010 Icarus Aeronautics — New Cityland, CA Aircraft Mechanic
  • Assembled and disassembled certain aircraft components for cleaning, maintenance, and repair
  • Analyzed and inspected tools and components for both structural and systems testing
  • Monitored the status of certain aircraft structures for deterioration
  • Troubleshot critical aircraft structures April 1999 to October 2004 Shambles Manufacturing — New Cityland, CA Aircraft Mechanic
  • Ordered, stocked, and organized aircraft components and tools
  • Inspected and tested various components of Gulfstream G
    • 1159
  • Documented maintenance records and catalogued data on received parts, repaired or replaced components, and operations on aircraft structures
  • Upholding corporate directives and complying with safety regulations



    2001 University of Southern California Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer

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