Maintenance Technician Resume Sample


Finding a new job can be a stressful process, but creating an unforgettable resume will minimize your anxiety. Your resume presents a unique opportunity to demonstrate just how valuable you are to potential employers. You’ll be able to showcase your skills, talents, and certifications. Additionally, if you have unique abilities, a resume presents you with an opportunity to let employers know about those immediately.

When you’re crafting a maintenance technician resume, make sure you highlight your plumbing skills. One of the most important things a maintenance technician will need to do is handle plumbing emergencies, so it’s vital that you showcase these talents on your resume. Potential employers will be looking to see if you mention this.

If you’re ready to start working on your resume, take a look at our maintenance technician resume templates for more ideas.

Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Maintenance Technician Resume Questions

1. How do you write a maintenance technician resume?

If you feel overwhelmed or confused by the resume-writing process, there are a few steps to take to simplify it. First, research the maintenance technician job that appeals to you as well as similar positions in the industry. Understand what skills and experience hiring managers want to see in candidates. Next, recall your responsibilities in previous positions. Try to remember every relevant job within the past 10 to 15 years of your career.

Then, choose a template with an attractive format and design that helps you write about your work experience, proficiencies, education, and other credentials. Ensure your document is ready to impress employers by comparing it to our maintenance technician resume sample.

2. How do you list certifications on your maintenance technician resume?

As a maintenance technician, certifications in carpentry, electrical systems, plumbing, or other relevant areas can help set you apart from competing applicants. There are a couple of different ways to list your certifications and licenses. One way is to include them in a separate “Licenses and Certifications” section. Do this if you have more than one certificate to list. Another way to illuminate these credentials is to include them in your education section.

3. How long should a maintenance technician resume be?

Consider your work history as you decide how many pages to use to create your resume. In most cases, you should create a one-page resume if you have fewer than 10 years of experience as a maintenance technician. Use multiple pages if you have over a decade of relevant industry experience.

There are exceptions to this rule, however. If a job listing specifically instructs candidates to submit only one-page documents, make sure you comply. Look to our maintenance technician resume sample for ideas on how to condense your information.

4. How many skills should you put on a maintenance technician resume?

The jobseeker in our sample lists 10 skills in the qualifications section. It is a good idea to list at least six skill sets in this section. Include your most important and relevant proficiencies, especially those that you see in the description of the open position. You may want to identify your expertise in carpentry, preventative maintenance, power tool handling, and plumbing systems.

Notice how the summary and experience section in our sample mentions other valuable skills. If you have more than 10 skills you want to communicate to hiring managers, discuss these extra proficiencies in your other resume sections.

5. How should you structure your maintenance technician resume?

For optimum readable and attractiveness, structure your resume the same way the applicant in our maintenance technician resume sample structures his document. Use a bold header at the top of you page. Position your summary statement and skills section directly below your header so they are the first sections hiring managers read, then include your work experience and education section.

For fast assistance writing and structuring your resume, use our convenient resume builder. Its step-by-step process will leave you with a customized finished document in no time.

To sell yourself to employers, you need both a fantastic resume and cover letter. Turn to our Maintenance Technician cover letter example for help making the latter.

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Resume Text

Lyle Collins

1 Main Street
New Cityland, CA 91010
Cell: (555) 322-7337


Resourceful Maintenance Technician highly skilled in quickly interpreting blue prints, electrical schematics, wiring diagrams, technical manuals and other maintenance documents. Committed to providing excellent service. Trained in carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC system repair. Comfortable working in a school settings and with diverse personalities.


Power and hand tools
Circuitry and wiring
Preventative maintenance
Strong communicator
Fluent in Spanish

Carpentry and plumbing
Fine measurement tools proficiency
Clean driving record


September 2010 to Current
Veridian Office Park New Cityland, CA
Maintenance Technician

Program and replace CCTV systems, including cabling, cameras, DVRs, and power supplies.
Work closely with equipment maintenance engineers and technicians.
Monitor and maintain heating, ventilation, and cooling systems.
Perform general upkeep and repair on facility boilers, chillers, air handlers, DIW, IWW, scrubbers, and closed-loop systems.
Run chemical tests on systems and adjust chemical balances as needed.
Submit work orders to the manager on duty.
Clear clogged drains and replace defective parts such as valves, faucets, and fixtures.
Generate preventative maintenance schedules and procedures.

February 2006 to August 2010
Collier Elementary School New Cityland, CA
Maintenance Technician

Repaired and replaced plumbing parts, including fixtures and drain lines.
Inspected and repaired chillers, fan and coil units and window-mounted AC units.
Served as first responder for all facility and equipment issues.
Installed HVAC systems, building control systems, general office equipment, and furniture.
Re-keyed facility locksets, including electromechanical locksets.

May 2003 to January 2006
Taylor Manufacturing New Cityland, CA
Maintenance Technician

Logged detailed and thorough records of maintenance performed.
Checked, tested and replaced faulty components, circuit modules, and printed circuit boards.
Completed light fabrication duties, including welding and pipefitting.
Maintained air compressors, chillers, heating units, and exhaust fans.
Changed filters on all HVAC equipment.