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Top Childcare Resume Examples




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How to Build your Resume for a Childcare Career

Love your work in the childcare sector and wish to climb up the ladder and do bigger things? Take advantage of the tips and resume samples provided here to present a professional resume and stride ahead.

Career Track: Family Childcare

Family childcare is focused on care for children in a home atmosphere, as opposed to a childcare center. The childcare industry in the United States is big business, as many parents are occupied with pursuing a career, and need care assistance. Family childcare is estimated to be valued up to $235 billion by 2023.

Part-time Babysitter $30,456 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional

For this job, use a functional format, as this role depends less on experience than it does on the skills you can bring. Focus on any abilities and experiences that prove your quality as someone who can relate to kids and be a reliable worker, utilizing keywords such as empathy, multitasking ability and flexibility.

Summary statement tip: Highlight any experience you’ve had caring for children of mixed ages, or how you’ve used innovative games or activities to aid in child growth or development.

Skills to feature: Look to the job posting to pull skills the employer requires, and add them to this section, along with common babysitting skills such as:

  • Patience
  • Attentive and loving
  • Good hygiene and health
  • Ability to amicably resolve conflicts
  • Children entertainment skills

Get to the next level: Draw attention to your experience in this field as you gain more babysitting jobs, and note any additional training you’ve had that is relevant to the role, such as:

  • Competence in handling various housekeeping duties
  • Experience of working in support organizations like The Red Cross, CRY America or UNICEF
  • Certifications in nursing or CPR, or other health-related training

Family Assistant $49,880 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination

Family Assistants work as personal assistants for parents and as a nanny for children. For this position, focus on your cooking, time management, organizational and interpersonal skills, and highlight work experiences that tie in with them.

Summary statement tip: Mention your multitasking abilities, along with strong work ethics and exceptional organizational skills, up front. Focus on terms like “child safety,” “food inventory and management” and “experienced housekeeper.”

Skills to feature: Provide a combination of technical and soft skills such as:

  • Cooking skills
  • Ability to connect with children of all ages
  • Great driving skills
  • Ability to handle pets

Get to the next level: To take the next step in this career path, continue to gather professional experience and achievements, and look into getting additional training in these areas:

  • CPR certification, childcare
  • Household economy training
  • Certification in Family and Consumer Sciences

Nanny $670 per week Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological

Employers usually opt for candidates with experience in this role, so use the chronological format, emphasizing your significant work achievements as well as your best skills.

Summary statement tip: In a few short sentences, describe your top skills and experiences to employers. Highlight practical abilities, such as CPR and First Aid, as well as experiences where you helped care for and develop children or handling important household tasks such as cooking nutritious meals.  

Skills to feature:

  • Pediatric First Aid training or certification
  • Academic skills
  • Problem-solving abilities
  • Trustworthiness and reliability
  • Communication skills
  • Genuine affection towards children
  • Cooking skills
  • Well mannered and respectful

Get to the next level: To move ahead in this position, gain experience in these skills, as well as any certified training:

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Attentive listener
  • Organization skills
  • CPR and First Aid training
  • Infant care classes and certification
  • Professional nanny certification
  • A valid driver’s license with a spotless driving record

Career Track: Childcare Center

Childcare Centers are expected to ensure a safe and secure environment,and give parents peace of mind. According to the Center for American Progress, around 24.3% of children below five years of age are in some form of organized childcare center.

Childcare Worker $22,060 Median Salary

Resume Format: Functional

As this is more of an entry-level position, use this format, which showcases both professional skills and personal attributes rather than professional experience.

Summary statement tip: Feature  your strongest skills and traits here, encapsulated in a few sentences. For example: “Skilled childcare worker with a high level of patience and knowledge of developing interesting and fun activities.”

Skills to feature:

  • Patience
  • High instructional ability
  • Good interpersonal skills
  • Communication and listening skills
  • Good physical stamina
  • Critical thinking
  • Ability to judge and make decisions
  • Excellent time management

Get to the next level: To move up to a more managerial role in a childcare center, look into gaining additional training in these areas:

  • Child Development Associate (CDA) or Child Care Professional (CCP) certification
  • CPR and First Aid certification
  • More experiences handling groups of all sizes, and managing schedules, activities and overall administration.

Childcare Assistant Director $36,564 Median Salary

Resume Format: Combination

This format allows you to provide details on both your professional accomplishments and relevant skills. Job seekers with previous work experience in various sectors will benefit from this format, as it matches skills with relevant experiences.

Summary statement tip: Highlight your work experience, showing how you’ve used your abilities to be successful. For example: “Competent childcare professional with success in planning, managing and executing childcare plans and dedicated childcare services,” or “Experienced professional with proven track record of effectively facilitating child development.”

Skills to feature: Some major skills that a potential employer looks for in a Childcare assistant director include:

  • Program and staff management
  • LeadershipOperations management
  • Office administration
  • Curriculum planning

Get to the next level: To take the next step in your professional career, look to improve in these areas:

  • Obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education or Psychology, or a related field
  • Further studies in psychology, education, speech development, nutrition
  • Take on more work duties that show your ability to manage large teams and childcare programs

Childcare Center Director$47,940 Median Salary

Resume Format: Chronological

This format is highly recommended for showcasing detailed professional accomplishments for vastly experienced candidates. Provide examples of your best achievements for each previous role, such as: “Experienced Childcare Center Director well-versed in collaborating with families to support children’s educational needs in a center serving 200+ children.”

Summary statement tip: In a few brief sentences, describe your professional qualifications and top experiences over the years. Mentioning certifications such as CDA or NAC will go a long way in establishing your credentials for this role.

Skills to feature: Childcare Center Directors should possess the following specific abilities:

  • Communication skills
  • Business skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Leadership qualities
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Supervisory and monitoring skills
  • Ability to provide training

Get to the next level: To take the next step in your career, consider adding the following experiences to your resume:

  • Developing new educational programs and standards
  • Establishing policies and cascade these to the staff as well as parents
  • Ensuring staff meet the requirements proposed by Department of Health and Human Services
  • Obtaining Child Development Associate (CDA) certification
  • Acquiring Child Care Professional (CCP) designation

Recommended Childcare Resume templates

These three employer-approved templates will help you present your skills, experience and education effectively in your childcare resume.


As the name suggests, this popular design provides a classic, smart look, with flexibility in highlighting skills and accomplishments.


This simple layout differentiates each section with distinct lines and clear headers, making it elegant yet easy to read for recruiters.


To highlight your significant achievements in the childcare sector, this resume has a perfect layout with neat and well-organized sections. This efficiently-designed resume includes a monogram treatment for the job applicant’s name, and its dual-column presentation cleanly differentiates your work experience and skills.

You can find more designs on our templates page.

Childcare Resume FAQs

1.How do you format your resume based on your career level?

Based on what employers are looking for, as well as your own skills and work history, follow these formatting rules of thumb:

  • The functional format emphasizes on qualifications and skills over experience and is therefore perfect for entry-level candidates.
  • A chronological format is most suited for professionals with years of experience and a stable career in the same field.

If you have less work experience or are shifting from a different work industry, the combination format is ideal as it emphasizes on skills and related work experience.

2.What qualities and traits are employers looking for in this industry?

Some essential traits for the childcare sector that you should consider featuring in your resume include:

  • Effective communication
  • Active listening
  • Monitoring and supervision
  • Time management
  • Problem-solving
  • People management and knowledge of human behavior
  • Knowledge of public safety and security procedures
  • Analytical thinking and leadership qualities
  • Concern and sensitivity to others’ needs

3.What are some other useful skills, certifications or training for this job category?

Some additional training or certifications, that can help you grow in the childcare field and improve your performance include:

  • Family Child Care Home License
  • CPR and first aid certification
  • CDA and CCP certification
  • Meeting safety and cleanliness standards
  • Emergency equipment maintenance