Sr. Account Manager Cover Letter Example + Tips

A cover letter is a personal introduction expressing interest in a job opening. While the resume neatly lists your credentials, the cover letter explains how those qualifications match the company and position. Ultimately, it’s all about persuasion and transferrable skill. Because account management is so broad, we’ve developed a free senior account manager cover letter sample to help you with content and structure. A customized delivery is critical, so be sure to glance over the extra tips for senior business staff.

Dear Mr. Stark,

Account management requires strategy, and your tech line is relatively new. I am applying for the senior account manager role at McKralo to advance my career. I know the software market, and I can help solidify your client base and accelerate your growth.

During undergrad at UC Davis, I interned for an appraisal office where I learned the basics of vendor management. Economics was a great stepping-stone to my MBA, at which point I dove into analytics. You are looking for data-driven managers, and I have been heavily involved in the quantitative side of both sales and marketing.

Moreover, I spent the last two years handling domestic accounts for a property management software suite. Similar to your EBIZ product, ours is a native platform with desktop and mobile application. I know your target audience, and I am familiar with the forecasting tools you implement in your CS department.

I am eager to advance into an international network and am naturally drawn to your global portfolio. Thank you for your consideration. I have attached my resume and would be happy to meet in person to discuss my ideas.

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What to Include in a Senior Account Manager Cover Letter

Your letter should be direct, concise, and no longer than one page. Begin by greeting the hiring manager by name, and then briefly state the position you’re after, how your background is relevant, and what exactly you bring to the table. You can refer to your credentials, but don’t simply repeat your resume. Also, notice how we structured our free senior account manager cover letter sample as a custom pitch. Prove your interest and persuade the reader by weaving in specific details about the company and its products.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

We recommend using our free senior account manager cover letter sample as a template. However, your cover letter should reflect the specific role and your own skills. Here are a few areas that senior candidates might want to highlight.

  • Customer service: Be ready to communicate with and advocate for a diverse group of clients.
  • Analytics: Business revolves around data, and promotions typically go to the account managers who know how to interpret and manipulate numbers.
  • Technology: Be comfortable using common software, especially if you’re interested in lateral career movement.
  • Leadership: Managerial skill is gold in business. Plus, senior status implies experience, and employers expect you to be more directive at this point in your career.