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Account Representative Cover Letter Example + Tips

The resume is an essential part of applying for a job, but it is important that you do not neglect your cover letter either. This letter is how you will express your interest in each specific job, as well as find a way to make yourself stand out from other candidates. Use this short writing guide and free account representative cover letter sample to make sure your cover letter is as strong as possible.

Dear Mr. Flores,

As a sales professional with experience managing multiple accounts simultaneously, I feel I would make an excellent addition to your company. I am excited to apply the skills I have acquired over a long sales career to this position.

Six years ago, I received a business degree in marketing, and since then, I have worked as an account manager, developing the aptitude necessary to work with various clients to meet their specific needs. I am confident that I now hold the abilities necessary to succeed in your posted account representative position.

Your job posting indicated a desire for someone with leadership experience. For the last two years, I have filled a sales manager position, which requires me to oversee all marketing and sales accounts. I apply solid leadership and communication practices daily in this position, and I always strive to learn new and effective ways to lead and communicate with my team and fellow employees.

Thank you for your consideration and time spent reviewing my application. I look forward to further discussing this position with you during an interview.

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What to Include in an Account Representative Cover Letter

As you saw in this free account representative cover letter sample, it is important to reference the job posting in your cover letter to make it clear that you are writing to each company specifically. Generic letters that could be addressed to anyone will not benefit your chances of being hired. There are several skills you should mention in your cover letter, the most important of which are those listed as requirements in the job description. Additionally, the best cover letters are shorter, including dense information. Close by expressing your excitement about the opening.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Including the right set of skills in your cover letter is the key to success. Those listed above in the free account representative cover letter sample may be beneficial to include, as well as the following list of commonly applicable abilities.

• Communication: Communicating effectively is at the heart of every sales position.
• Sales knowledge: Make sure it is clear you have the skills and knowledge required for successfully making sales.
• Marketing: Experience in this field is usually not required for a sales position, but it is nearly always a desirable skill set to employers.
• Leadership: Even if you are not applying for a managerial position, any leadership experience will go a long way toward being hired.