Sr. Accountant Cover Letter Example + Tips

If you’re looking for the next step in your accounting career with a new employment opportunity, your resume can be more effective with a strong cover letter. You can introduce yourself and talk about how excited you are about the possibilities in your letter. This is your best chance to sell your skills and talents to the hiring manager. It’s also important to write your cover letter using the best practices for those in the financial industry. You can do this by looking at a free senior accountant cover letter sample.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

As someone who has spent his life devoted to accounting and finance, I am always on the lookout for the newest and best opportunities in this industry. Recently I was made aware of the position of senior accountant opening up at your firm. I wanted to express my interest in this position and officially put my name into consideration.

Throughout my career in accounting, I have focused on performing error-free analyses. I have consistently provided reports and audits that helped the companies I worked for improve their budget and financial future. Additionally, on my accounting team, I was known as the expert who could help decipher any financial discrepancy.

Recently I moved into senior accounting. As a leader in my department, I have been able to work with the rest of the team using financial software. I have also made recommendations for better accounting processes so that my company’s ability to produce revenue would be greater.

My strong record of consistency and knowledge would be a great benefit to your firm. I would love to get the opportunity to meet in person with you. Please accept my thanks in advance for putting together an interview at your most convenient time and considering me for this role.

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What to Include in a Senior Accountant Cover Letter

In order to get across to the hiring manager how perfect you are for the job, your cover letter needs to be solid, like this free senior accountant cover letter sample. Keep the length to less than one page, and use strong examples to show your talents. Start with a compelling opening to grab the reader’s attention, and end with a good conclusion that outlines the next steps while expressing gratitude.

Industry Specifics to Include

In the accounting industry, there are specific personality traits that work best for senior staff. You can find out more about the specifics in the free senior accountant cover letter sample. Here are some suggestions for other traits to include:

• Attention to Detail: Accountants must demonstrate that they can find small errors and avoid making careless mistakes.
• Highly Organized: In this line of work, it’s important to be able to keep files and important documents orderly.
• Strong Math Skills: Much of this job involves mathematics and formulas, so your financial skills must be on point.
• Ability to Communicate: Senior accountants spend time writing and speaking to their team and clients, so communication is vital.