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Accounting Clerk Cover Letter Example

Job Description

The primary role of an accounting clerk is to provide accounting support to department supervisors and managers. Responsibilities include researching, tracking and resolving accounting problems; matching invoices to work orders; recording changes and refunds; and processing bills for payment and issuing checks for accounts payable.Additional job responsibilities for an accounting clerk are verification and recording of business transactions, daily and monthly reconciliation, preparation of financial reports for management to include revenue and trial balance reports, and assistance with payroll and budget preparation. An accounting clerk in small office will perform a wider variety of tasks than one who works in the accounting department of a large corporation. It that case, the tasks are usually more specialized. Confidentiality is critical in this position no matter how large or small the company is.

Education & Training Required

An individual can enter the field as an accounting clerk with just a high school diploma, but more post-secondary related course work is helpful. Those with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree stand a better chance of advancing in the accounting field. Certification is available through the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers, and the National Bookkeepers Association offers an on-line certification exam. While these certifications aren’t required, they can certainly improve your standing. Strong math skills and knowledge of accounting software are required.

Salary Range

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual salary of accounting clerks in May 2012 was $35,170. The top 10% of the most experienced, highest paid accounting clerks earned $54,310 or more. If you’re applying for an accounting clerk position, you want to make sure the employer sees the candidate they want to hire.Take a look at the sample cover letter below for guidance in presenting your experience, skills and education in a positive light. Don’t just repeat what your resume says. You want to enhance that information. A cover letter is is a combination of business and personal correspondence, and while it should always be professional, it should also reflect you as a person.

Accounting Clerk Cover Letter Sample