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Sr. Account Executive Cover Letter Example + Tips

Creating a strong cover letter is important when searching for a job. It is this document that communicates with employers your excitement for the position and what sets you apart from all the other candidates. The best way to get started on writing your own cover letter is to review examples, such as the free senior account executive cover letter sample below. The accompanying writing guide provides tips for the best writing practices.

Dear Ms. Martins,

I am very interested in the senior account executive opening with your company. I believe I am an ideal candidate for the position due to my long history as a manager in the sales field.

My experience in sales began more than six years ago in an entry-level sales representative position. I spent the last two years in a position of leadership as an account manager, overseeing the interaction with many different clients. The job description implies that you are looking for an organized and analytical candidate, and these are elements that I have prioritized since beginning in this industry.

I currently hold a bachelor’s degree of business. During my time in school, I developed excellent sales skills and techniques, as well as an understanding of general marketing practices.

I greatly appreciate your time and consideration for the position. I look forward to the opportunity to further discuss my candidacy.

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What to Include in a Senior Account Executive Cover Letter

The best cover letters are unique and specific to the job you’re applying for. As you saw in the free senior account executive cover letter sample, it is good practice to reference the job description to communicate that you are a perfect match for the job and that this is not a general letter that you could send to any company. Match the style and tone of the posting to ensure you are appealing to the needs of the hiring manager. While keeping the cover letter short and dense, make it clear that you are excited to be considered and that you’re confident about succeeding. Finally, close with a thank you and invite the reader to review your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Including relevant skills in your cover letter emphasize your qualification. Those mentioned in the above free senior account executive cover letter sample are common in sales and business, but here are some general traits that senior candidates can mention:

• Management: As a senior, you need to have skills and experience in management and leading other employees.
• Analytical skill: It is the account executive’s job to review data and make suggestions for improvement.
• Organization: Because you will oversee many client accounts, make it clear that you are an organized professional who can keep responsibilities and information straight.
• Sales experience: You will be leading other reps, so you should have a complete understanding of sales strategy.