Group Leader Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Your resume is an excellent summary of your skills and accomplishments, but it is your cover letter that truly allows you to show employers that you are the right fit for a position in their company. It does this by using job-specific examples of accomplishments and skills to address the requirements listed in the original job posting. Check out the free group leader cover letter sample below for a great example of how to write a proper cover letter, and keep reading for tips on what your personal cover letter should include.

Dear Mr. Roberts,

Working with high-risk teenagers has long been a passion of mine, a passion that I would love to bring to Open Arms. Years of experience have made me in-tune to the needs of this fragile part of our society, and I would love to continue helping them overcome their past to achieve their dreams.

During university, I had my first job as a group leader working with Detroit teens that were not welcome in other after-school care facilities due to recent problems with drugs or violence. I spent three evenings a week helping them with their homework, playing basketball with them, and giving them advice on everything from how to handle peer pressure to how to deal with boyfriend troubles. I have since then spent the last three years working full-time in that same center.

Now that I am relocating to Boston, I would love to bring my experience to the youth of this beautiful city. In addition to daily interaction with the teens, I was responsible for creating the daily schedule, ordering supplies, and inventory maintenance, which will help me quickly adapt to my new role at Open Arms.

I hope to get the opportunity to help the teens at Open Arms and look forward to the chance to discuss this position further. My full resume is attached, and thank you for taking the time to review my application.

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What to Include in a Group Leader Cover Letter

You can see from the free group leader cover letter sample above how important it is to include specific skills and experience in your cover letter. Follow the four paragraph format, avoiding clichés in the introduction, using job-specific examples in the body, and closing with a summary and a show of gratitude to the reader. Make your letter personal but professional, and try to keep it as concise as possible.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

To keep your cover letter relevant, include industry specific skills as demonstrated in the free group leader cover letter sample above. Here are some skills you might want to include.

● Communication: Good interpersonal communication with the people in your group as well as your coworkers is the foundation of a group leader position.
● Responsibility: You are in charge of a group of people or children, so you are fully responsible for them during the entire time they are in your care.
● Positive attitude: Your attitude will set the tone for the group, so make sure you stay positive and upbeat.
● Organization: You will need to follow the set schedules of group activities and other tasks, so strong organizational skills are a must.