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Social Services Cover Letter

The social services field covers a number of jobs in the helping professions. Such positions include mental health counselors, social workers, rehabilitation counselors, substance abuse specialists and human service assistants, among others. What all of these jobs have in common is the core mission of improving the lives of others and society as a whole.

Job duties may include providing one to one psychological counseling, counseling groups such as families or other cohorts, matching community resources with those in need or working to teach and improve the lives of specific populations like incarcerated youth or those dealing with substance abuse.

Education & Training

The educational requirements for social services careers vary, depending on the job desired. With a high school education only, workers can be employed as social and human service assistants who assist social workers and other advanced professionals and help clients locate resources in their communities.

Some entry-level substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors may be hired with a high school diploma or equivalent, but often a higher education degree is necessary. Social workers, probation and corrections officers, as well as community health workers must all have a Bachelor’s degree upon hire.

Master’s level education or above is necessary in order to work as a mental health counselor, marriage therapist, rehabilitation counselor, school or career counselor. Degrees may be in psychology, social work or other counseling related area.

Salary Range

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean annual wage for community and social services occupations in 2011 was 43,830 dollars. Again, wage varies by job. Higher-paid positions include educational, guidance and vocational counselors at 56,540 dollars, while lower end social services jobs such as social and human services assistants received mean wages of 30,710 dollars. If a career in social services is your desired goal, see our sample social services cover letters below for examples of exemplary cover letters that get the job.

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