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In the fast-paced and exciting world of Android app development, you do not want to let a great opportunity pass you by. That is why it is important to always have your CV at the ready for the dream job you have always wanted. Let your technical skills and experience show in your CV by looking at this Android developer CV example.

In this example, you will see how to integrate the soft skills of writing, communication, and collaboration along with showcasing your technical credentials. You will also be able to see how to format your CV while remaining unique and impactful in your approach.


Emily Michaels

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Analytical and detail oriented Android app developer professional with stellar communication skills. Adept at bringing all team members together to reach a common goal on time and under budget. Conceptualizing app solutions with the latest technology, design theory, and a large dose of creativity. Committed to viable and easily functional app solutions for clients.

  • Expert at Java SDK design functionality, including the full activity lifecycle
  • Clear and concise writer of communications and development documentation
  • Knowledgeable about back-end development and documentation
  • Enthusiastic facilitator for client solutions
  • Analytical user of GIT version control implementation
  • Consummate collaborator with clients, management, and team members
Work Experience
Junior Android Developer
2014 – Present


  • Respond to client needs for applications with an eye to the most feasible and effective solutions.
  • Coordinate with team members to create client apps in a coordinated and timely manner.
  • Ensure that apps are tested to meet total performance requirements.
  • Optimize the interfacing of the apps with a variety of systems to ensure flexible and agile use.


Associate Android Developer
2012 – 2014


  • Utilized advanced functions of the Java software development kit (SDK) in order to optimize the flexibility of apps to different mobile devices.
  • Recorded exact details of errors during testing for further remediation.
  • Checked on all source code to ensure usability by development staff.
  • Created increased mobile adaptability for current apps in order to extend marketability.


IT Support Associate
2011 – 2012


  • Provided phone support for employees who had trouble with their Java software functions.
  • Retrieved system information for users.
  • Compiled a user-friendly employee guide for interfacing with Java.



Internet Fluency Teacher


  • Taught seniors to be fluent in using the internet through a community education program.
  • Interpreted curriculum to be presented to classes.
  • Generated student enthusiasm for internet use.




Certified Associate Android Developer


Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


Georgia Institute of Technology
Hobbies and Interests

I like to use my app development skills for good causes. Recently, I developed the entire donation pickup app for the Bikes for Kids charity. To stay active, I enjoy jogging in the fall and winter, and kayaking and paddle boarding during the summertime. I also enjoy dogs, so I volunteer twice a year as a foster home for dogs awaiting adoption. During the three-month commitment, I teach the dogs social skills, how to walk on a leash, and how to adapt to a home routine.


Questions for Your Android Developer CV

How do you make an Android developer CV with no experience?

When it comes to a CV with no experience, there are two kinds. One is the CV of a recent college graduate and the other is that of someone changing careers. For the first, it’s okay to include references to high school and college club experience. Include leadership experience and activities relevant to software development to make the CV more attractive to employers.

In the case of a career change, your document should include references to other work experience. Crossover skills are common in many fields, so focus on these. Putting skills ahead of work experience makes these proficiencies the focal point and is a good idea for a CV with little or no relevant experience.

How do you describe achievements on your Android developer CV?

When including your work experience in a CV, you can weave in achievements using detailed descriptions and metrics. Metrics include saying by what percentage you improved sales or how many people you supervised. For achievements that seem minimal at face value, add the benefit or result of these actions.

Another thing to keep in mind when listing achievements is to use action verbs that put you in front of the process. Great action verbs to use include “operated,” “established,” “boosted,” “standardized,” and “documented.” Try our CV and resume builder for industry-specific text examples to make a personalized CV.

How long should an Android developer CV be?

A fully detailed CV, like the provided Android developer CV sample, is usually two pages long. If you have less than 10 years of experience, shoot for one page. This should be enough space for you to include your contact information, a summary statement, work history, education and important skills. An exception is if you have less than 10 years’ experience but a wide range of awards to include. If everything you include on your CV is high quality and relevant to the job, don’t shy away from having a slightly longer than normal CV.

What format should your Android developer CV be in?

The Android developer CV sample shown is a simple format that works for any CV. Your contact information should always be the first thing on the page and can be in a larger font than the rest of the information. Keep each section clearly separated from other sections with a horizontal line or more decorative divider.

When it comes to the content within each section, list education and work experience in reverse chronological order. For skills, awards and certificates, try to start with whatever is most important. You can get an idea of this from the job description. Placing your most critical trait first increases your chances a hiring manager will continue reading.

What technical skills should you put on an Android developer CV?

Common skills needed for an Android developer include knowledge of database management software, web development platforms, object-oriented programing languages, and development environment software. If an employer lists specific programs or languages, include any you know or have experience with. The Android developer CV sample mentions Java multiple times, likely because the job description gave it as a required language.

Android Developer CV Must-Haves

What Does an Android Developer Do?

An Android developer must know how to fully leverage Java Android SDK in order to create applications for the Android platform. This includes taking the source code and building apps with Java development tools. Full knowledge of emulator implementation, data storage, and design of app fluidity over multiple smart devices is necessary.

The design of clean and intuitive app layouts and screen views is also the mark of an efficient and skilled Android developer. Application programming interface (API) skills are a must to be an Android developer, and it is advantageous for a developer to be fluent in more than one API. The Android developer CV example shows how to highlight your previous work experience to display strong skills in a very specific employment sector.

Tips for Creating a Great Android Developer CV

You want your enthusiasm and passion for the app development process and industry as a whole to shine through in your CV. Balance that excitement with solid information about your technical skills and you are well on your way to an excellent CV. Here are some additional tips for insightful CV creation as well as some friendly reminders for basic structure and content:

  • Gain interest for your CV by crafting a great synopsis of your career skills in the professional summary.
  • Do not forget to keep your contact information up to date on your CV.
  • Always spellcheck both when writing and updating your CV.
  • Generate interest in your qualifications by highlighting how your actions and skills optimized the function of your app design or improved the business’ profitability.
  • Be clear about what certifications you have and their level.
  • Always include all technical tools you have experience with in your CV.

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