When searching for a position, you must show why you are the best applicant for the job. The easiest way to accomplish your goal is to create a professional CV that stands out from the ones submitted by other applicants. An excellent CV will display your biggest achievements and most relevant skills and personality traits in relation to the position. To help you get started, view this performance testing CV example and use the same format to create your own. Don’t forget to implement the included tips for an even better chance at getting an interview call.


Karen Jones

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Qualified performance tester with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Extremely observant and detail-oriented. Highly organized with the ability to keep accurate records and manage time wisely. Comfortable working alone or as a group. Strong leadership skills are an asset to any company and quality assurance department.

  • Proficient in a wide range of computer software, including analytical software such as Fractal Concept SoftScan, computer-aided design software such as Dassault Systems CATIA, and query software such as Microsoft Access.
  • Strong mathematical, engineering, and technology skills that include practical application, techniques, and principles.
  • Excellent critical thinking skills with the ability to think quickly and come up with solutions to weaknesses or other problems that become evident during testing procedures.
  • Ability to communicate in English and Spanish, including speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension skills. -Knowledgeable in company standards as well as local, state, and federal laws governing policies, procures, and strategies.
Work Experience
Performance Tester
August 2012 – Present


  • Test company products for quality and interpret results to ensure products adhere to specifications, standards, and applicable codes.
  • Create accurate and detailed reports of any problems found in products, and present them to the proper department for correction.
  • Supervise a team of quality checkers to ensure they follow the required methods and report defects in a timely manner.



Performance Tester
September 2010 – August 2012


  • Established a performance test strategy, created documentation, and communicated results to the proper departments.
  • Used various technologies to complete work, including application delivery controllers, front end presentation servers, and web-based applications.
  • Analyzed data for defects or potential problems and used problem-solving skills to come up with solutions.



Performance Tester
October 2007 – September 2010


  • Defined and executed performance load tests and integrated them with automated test systems.
  • Analyzed performance problems and presented findings to department heads along with any potential solutions.
  • Supervised other performance testers during the creation, preparation, and administration of quality assurance reviews.





Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering


The Ohio State University
Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Technology


The Ohio State University
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I teach underprivileged adults how to use computers to search for jobs and find other community resources. I also enjoy playing old video games, writing music and lyrics, and going to the movies. My partner and I are considering opening a bakery.



Performance Tester Job Overview and Tips

What Does Performance Testing Do?

A performance tester is responsible for creating and administering tests to determine the quality of a company’s products. After testing the products, performance testers then provide documentation to the proper department heads that detail any problems found and what solutions are available to fix the issues and ensure products are following company, local, state, and federal guidelines. Performance testers must have excellent vision and be extremely detail-oriented. They are highly organized and able to communicate with others but also comfortable working alone. Because the job entails much responsibility, a strong CV such as the above professional performance testing CV example is necessary to secure a position in the field.

Tips for Creating a Great Performance Testing CV

Once you have created a CV using our CV maker, you’ll have a CV that stands out from the competition.

  • Do write a professional summary that details your relevant accomplishments, skills, and personality traits. This “hook” is what entices hiring managers to continue reading.
  • Do not use phrases such as “responsible for.” Instead, begin bullet points in the work experience section with strong action words.
  • Do use quantitative information whenever possible to show how you have improved a company by saving it money or improving products.
  • Do not get too personal in your CV. Avoid talking about such controversial topics as your sexuality, religious beliefs, or political preferences.
  • Do remember to proofread your CV thoroughly, including reading it out loud. Doing so prevents typos or spelling and grammar mistakes that will make you seem unprofessional and prevent hiring managers from contacting you.
  • Do not include irrelevant information such as your GPA, high school information, or organizations you are part of that don’t relate to your field.
  • Do use bullet points to ensure your CV is easy to skim.

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