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Featured resume example: dishwasher

Dishwasher Chronological Resume Sample


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Quick and efficient Dishwasher bringing over eight years’ of experience in fast-paced kitchen environments. Proficient in operating and cleaning equipment, using chemicals and maintaining clean, organized dishes. Focused on maintaining strict controls to protect customers.


DISHWASHER | 05/2016 to Current
LongHorn Steakhouse -Company Name, City, State
  • Oversaw incoming dinnerware deliveries, including unboxing supplies, shelving stock and rotating items.
  • Loaded more than 500 glasses, silverware and dishes into dishwasher each shift, running average of 5 loads per shift.
  • Effectively scrubbed and scoured pots and pans using specific cleaning products to remove burnt-on food.
DISHWASHER | 10/2013 to 04/2016
Golden Corral -Company Name, City, State
  • Scraped, washed and efficiently restacked dishware, utensils and glassware to keep kitchen ready for customer demands.
  • Completed extra cleaning work on garbage cans, racks, dry storage areas and other fixtures to keep kitchen spotless.
  • Stepped into additional roles during busy times to boost coverage of important stations.
DISHWASHER | 06/2012 to 09/2013
Tiffany’s Bakery -Company Name, City, State
  • Increased machine efficiency by scraping and pre-washing dishes.
  • Washed equipment, surfaces, refrigerators and other areas and applied sanitizing chemicals.
  • Gently moved glassware, crystal and other delicate items to prevent breakage.


  • Cleaning and sanitizing
  • Chemical use
  • Restocking skills
  • Dishwasher operation
  • Strong communication skills
  • Dining area cleanliness
  • Safety and compliance
  • High-volume dish washing


Richland One GED Testing Center , City, State

Top 4 characteristics of a best-in-class dishwasher resume

  1. Summary A summary statement should convey your work experience, accomplishments and skill sets in a few sentences. For example: “Dishwasher dedicated to maintaining full stocks of clean dishes and utensils to meet expected customer needs.”
  2. Skills While practical skills such as cleaning duties, knowledge of inventory and hygiene standards are essential for a dishwasher, soft skills are also important. Be sure to include attributes such as stamina, time management and being a team player.
  3. Work History Display accomplishments from previous jobs that showcase your ability to be efficient, organized and productive. For example, while a summer secretary position may seem to have little connection with dishwashing work, you can draw parallels between that work and dishwashing work. For instance: “Served as secretary as part of a 10-member team, maintaining office organization and cleanliness.”
  4. Education Include your top academic credential (high school diploma, GED or degree) along with any additional training you’ve had that relates to kitchen work (e.g., participating in a cooking training program).

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Find the right template for your resume

To create a resume that looks professional and highlights important details, use these three employer-ready layouts.


This resume layout is divided into shaded quadrants to strategically organize information, giving extra prominence to the summary.


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Do’s and don’ts for your resume

  • DO include soft skills specific to kitchen work While practical skills are important, the intangible qualities you bring to this job are key. Mention soft skills such as flexibility, a professional demeanor, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • DO make sure your resume isn’t overlong Kitchens are at their best when everything runs efficiently — be similarly efficient in your use of resume space. Focus on essential skills and job-related achievements; don’t spend your resume real estate listing every single task you’ve had on previous jobs if it doesn’t apply to kitchen work.
  • Do remember to always proofread before applying Nothing can turn off an employer more quickly than silly mistakes on your resume. Don’t sabotage your resume with easily correctable goofs — review it for spelling, grammar and factual errors.
  • DON’T forget to mention all industry-related certifications Be sure to include all certifications and coursework you have under your belt that apply to kitchen work in your education section, such as a certification in kitchen exhaust cleaning.
  • DON’T overlook the impact of strong verbs Using strong action verbs to describe past work experiences presents you as a more energetic, proactive employee. For example, writing “Managed kitchen clean-up and sanitation” has a stronger impact than “was tasked with cleaning the kitchen.”
  • DON’T hesitate to build different resumes for separate job profiles Every job will have different requirements — for instance, a dishwashing gig at an outdoor entertainment venue will call on different skills than a dishwasher at a high-end restaurant. Use our resume builder to tailor your resume for each individual job, gearing your skills and work history to match job description requirements. For example, if a job calls for “food preparation, cooking, plating and presentation skills,” be sure to show off these qualifications in your skills section, or display work experiences that match these requirements.

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Dishwasher resume FAQ

1. What are the skills that a dishwasher must-have?

The following practical and soft skills should be mentioned in your resume:

Practical skills:Soft skills:
Cleaning according to industry standards and normsPerforming well in stressful situations
Kitchen clean-up and sanitationTeam player
Performing kitchen duties, as needed and directedTime management
Keeping utensils and cooking equipment cleanStrong work ethic
Keen learner
Ability to follow directions
Practical skills:
Cleaning according to industry standards and norms
Kitchen clean-up and sanitation
Performing kitchen duties, as needed and directed
Keeping utensils and cooking equipment clean
Soft skills:
Performing well in stressful situations
Team player
Time management
Strong work ethic
Keen learner
Ability to follow directions
Flexibility to work a variety of shifts

2. How should a resume be structured?

As a dishwasher position depends more on having the right skills than extensive work experience, go with a functional resume format, which focuses on showing off a complete range of practical and soft skills, while still leaving room to display any jobs or activities you’ve had that tie in with kitchen work.

For more information about how to format your resume, visit our resume format page.

3. How should you craft your resume if you are looking to take the next step in your career?

To work your way up as a kitchen staff member, look to get more experience and expertise in these areas:

  • Opportunities to assist cooks and chefs while working in the kitchen
  • Contribute to restaurant menu and food planning, and assisting with dining services
  • More training and/or certifications in cooking skills

4. How should I structure my resume if I’m applying for a job for the first time?

Focus on your skills and training instead of your work history. You can also substitute volunteer work and other extracurricular activities for work experience, as long as they apply to dishwasher work. For example, you can mention volunteering as a server for community events. Above all, stress your ability to learn quickly, and your willingness to pick up new training in your summary.

5. How can keywords be incorporated in my resume?

Take the time to go through the job description and pick out important phrases and words used to describe job requirements (e.g., proficiency with electronic kitchen equipment, or being well-versed with food industry standards). These are the keywords that should be used in your resume, whether it’s in your summary (e.g. “Hardworking dishwasher with experience in electronic kitchen equipment”), skills (e.g., “proficient with food standards”) or experience (e.g., “Maintained electronic kitchen equipment for restaurant serving 300+ diners per day”) sections.