If you desire a career in the wedding planning industry, you need a strong curriculum vitae that shows your coordinating and organizational abilities, as well as your vendor connections and sense of style. Making a summarized account of your career and its accomplishments can be quite difficult.

There are many skills and job functions that a wedding planner performs that need to be listed and organized in a clear format. Refer to our wedding planner CV examples and tips to help you craft a personal statement of your skills and expertise.

Alexis Johnson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Creative, personable, and organized wedding planner with several years of event planning experience. Customer service-oriented and committed to interpreting the clients’ vision of their event and turning it into reality. Calm and professional under pressure, I am an assertive individual who ensures each client’s event is a success.

  • Robust negotiation skills to bridge the gap between vendors and clients.
  • Able to perform calmly in high-stress situations.
  • Superb communication skills both verbally and in writing.
  • Experienced and competent in Microsoft Office and event scheduling software.
  • Knowledgeable of a wide variety of cultural and religious customs as they are expressed in wedding ceremonies and celebrations.
Work Experience
Wedding Planner
2014 – Present



  • Plan and coordinate all elements of weddings, including the church service, photography, and the reception.
  • Assist the bride and groom in the selection of all service vendors, including the caterer, musical entertainment, photographer, and videographer.
  • Provide options for wedding and reception locations, wedding and reception theme, and reception menu.
  • Lead the schedule of events for the rehearsal, the wedding, and the reception.
  • Coordinate with vendors in advance of the event and on the day of the wedding.

Event Planning Assistant –
2011 -2014



  • Assisted event planners in all planning and execution of events.
  • Gathered supplies and arranged them at the event site.
  • Communicated client messages to the event planner.
  • Used event planning software to organize events and prioritize tasks.
  • Rented fixtures and furniture for the event at the direction of the event planner.
  • Supervised catering staff and bartender service during events.
  • Coordinated with venue management regarding event logistics.

Banquet Captain – 2007 – 2011




  • Ensured that professional service staff performed optimally at all banquets.
  • Coordinated with the food and beverage manager before the event to plan logistics.
  • Supervised the banquet room setup process, making sure that everything was clean and orderly.
  • Hired and supervised server and bartender staff and made sure they arrived to work on time and in the proper uniform.
  • Enforced proper food and beverage handling regulations.
  • Communicated with kitchen staff regarding any changes in schedule.
  • Maintained a professional environment for staff and guests.
  • Wrote a detailed banquet report after each event.
  • Made changes in event service based on feedback in banquet reports.


Associate of Science in Business Date


Certificate in Food and Beverage Management


Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy decorating and love to visit historical estates to view their architecture and interior design. Whenever I get the chance, I love to go kayaking and paddle boarding. I also volunteer with the monthly Missouri River cleanup crew to keep our natural recreation areas free of litter.


Questions for Your Wedding Planner CV

 How long should a wedding planner CV be?

Length is the main difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume. While a resume is a short snapshot of your abilities, a CV should list almost everything you’ve ever done. This means that the document should be as long as it needs to be.

For a young professional, this may only be a page or two. A veteran with years of job experience, however, could have a 12-page CV template. If a position doesn’t state whether it requires a resume or CV, feel free to ask.

 How do you make a wedding planner CV with no experience?

For the most part, you can’t get your degree in wedding planning. Other professions can provide you with the knowledge and skills needed as a wedding planner. Don’t feel as though finding a position with no experience is impossible.

Play up any positions you’ve held that required event planning. Mentioning detail-oriented jobs such as executive assistants can show you have an exacting eye. You should also list design or fashion positions to demonstrate creativity. Despite only including one wedding planner position, the wedding planner CV sample shows plenty of examples of necessary skills.

 How many skills should you put on a wedding planner CV?

Your CV should be an exhaustive list of everything that you bring to the table. Wedding planning is a demanding field that can require skills as diverse as language proficiency, flower arranging, and conflict mediation.

Consider creating a complete list of your abilities and only excluding skills that aren’t related to wedding planning. It’s best to feature your most desirable abilities near the top of the CV in your skills section. The wedding planner CV sample covers a diverse skill set to draw attention to the candidate’s versatility.

 How do you highlight soft skills on a wedding planner CV?

Soft skills can make or break a wedding planner CV. This is a position where intangibles such as taste in current fashion, crisis management, and charisma provide you with opportunities. Emphasize the soft skills of your personal brand starting in your summary statement.

This is your chance to spotlight your design sense or an ability to calm nervous couples. Make sure to include other valuable intangibles in your job history, as demonstrated in the wedding planner CV sample.

 How do you describe computer skills on your wedding planner CV?

While computer skills may not seem as important for a wedding planner, the increasingly digital world means every position calls for technical ability. Registries, invites, and organizational tools are going online, aiding those savvy enough to use them.

The skills section is a fantastic place to detail your familiarity with industry-specific software. If you used computer programs or apps in previous positions, you could also include them in your job history. If you’re not sure how to describe your abilities on the computer, consider using our CV builder. This application lets you create a personalized CV or resume with no writing needed.

Wedding Planner CV Must-Haves

What Does a Wedding Planner Do?

A wedding planner offers a wide variety of services to help the engaged couple plan and carry out their wedding celebration.

Wedding planners typically offer a coordination service for the day of the wedding only or a full-service package. In full-service planning, the planner finds out the budget the couple has for the wedding, then assists the couple with choosing and securing the services of a florist, caterer, entertainment, and photographer. On the day of the wedding, the wedding planner acts as the conductor of the events, making sure the pre-planned schedule is followed and coordinating with outside service vendors so that everything goes smoothly.

To assure a prospective employer you have successful experience, you need your CV to clearly and convincingly communicate. Refer to this wedding planner CV example and observe the tone and format of the document.

Tips for Creating a Great Wedding Planner CV

A great wedding planner puts all the elements together for a celebration and coordinates them so everything goes smoothly. You can do the same planning and coordination for a persuasive and easy-to-read CV. Here are some additional tips to make your document shine:

  • Make sure your CV is polished and attention ready by checking the grammar and spelling as well as ensuring a consistent typeface and size throughout your document.
  • Show your dedication to positive client outcomes. Note instances where you proactively solved potential problems or had to negotiate with a client or vendor.
  • It is not glamorous to read, but make sure to give the tasks of planning events and organizing all of the details their share of the attention in your CV.
  • With so many things going on at once at an event, you need to convince the reader that you can multi-task as well as prioritize for optimum results.

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