In the competitive field of professionally licensed social workers, an outstanding CV is vital in getting noticed during the application process. You want to sell your unique set of skills, experience, talent, and education convincingly so you gain an opportunity to interview for the job. Accentuate your accomplishments with action verbs and descriptive wording to give the reader the idea that they are really getting to know you and why you are good for the position. This child protection social worker CV example shows how to highlight your strong points in the accepted CV format.


Amanda Sullivan

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Compassionate and technically skilled social worker who effectively engages with children and families for positive change. Fully licensed and committed to thorough clinical assessment. A play therapy expert and an advocate for multiple treatment options. An experienced independent worker who also works well in a team approach. Focused on overall agency directives and the need for full documentation records to record agency effectiveness.

  • Experienced with Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and report design
  • Creative in engagement techniques in children’s therapy
  • Committed to maintaining a structural therapy approach with clients
  • Adept at assessing children and families in crisis
  • Agile at managing multiple workplace demands with ongoing projects
  • Active listener and a critical thinker in both assessment and therapy environments
  • Effective at managing the demands of a documentation workload
Work Experience
Associate Social Worker
2014 – 2016



  • Completed assessments of families under supervision of a LCSW.
  • Facilitated group therapy sessions for at-risk mothers.
  • Advocated for resource allocation for mothers and their children.
  • Trained staff members on current play therapy techniques.
  • Created Excel spreadsheets of utilization data for the agency.
  • Consulted on placement recommendations for children.

Respite Care Assistant
2015 – 2016



  • Cared for young children at a non-profit charity’s respite care for mothers.
  • Created a nurturing environment for children zero to five years of age.
  • Programmed and led creative play groups for pre-schoolers.
  • Consulted with social work staff regarding child behavior.

Camp Counselor
2011 – 2014




  • Led a small group through their daily camp schedule.
  • Taught swimming safety and camp swimming rules to campers.
  • Participated in a camp counseling rotation.

After School Care
2010 – 2014




  • Supervised children in structured activities.
  • Tutored children with their homework.
  • Tailored behavioral approaches for children with special needs and trained other staff how to use them.


LCSW Licensure


Master of Social Work


University of California Davis
Hobbies and Interests

In my free time, I enjoy hiking local trails and being able to watch birds and other wildlife. I enjoy crafts, but knitting is my foremost creative outlet. I use my knitting skill to make children’s hats that are distributed by the local homeless shelter.



Child Protection Social Worker Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Child Protection Social Worker Do?

A child protection social worker assesses claims of the mistreatment, abuse, or neglect of children. Often working in concert with law enforcement, the social worker determines what treatment, placement, and counseling needs the child or children have. Other duties include providing clinical psychosocial diagnosis for children who have suffered abuse, as well as providing psychotherapy to children. Child protection social workers may also train parents of affected children in positive parenting strategies. Child protection social workers may also provide counseling to parents or guardians with the goal of placing the child back in the family home. The child protection social worker CV example will show you how to include both the soft skills, such as listening, and the technical skills, such as diagnosis or spreadsheet report development, on your CV. This way the reader of your CV gets the full pull picture of what you can offer.

Tips for Creating a Great Child Protection Social Worker CV

A child protection social worker needs to have excellent active listening, verbal, and written communication skills, as well as a strong background in clinical assessment and therapy. Make sure these key skills shine in your CV with the following tips:

  • Clearly outline the ways you advocate for children, families, and the disadvantaged both in your professional and personal life.
  •  Make sure to include all relevant training that led to your licensure on your CV.
  • After spell checking your document and reviewing your CV format, have a friend or family member read your CV out loud and give you their feedback.
  •  Focus on your introduction statement so it conveys your core skills, talents, and experiences.
  •  Include any computer software experience you have that is relevant to the office environment.
  •  Remember to include job experiences where you have consulted with or job-shadowed a fully certified licensed clinical social worker.
  • Make sure to include experiences where you went above and beyond agency expectations with a client.

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