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Barbara Young

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Seasoned mental health counsellor with 18 years of experience working with people who have diverse needs. Knowledgeable in behavioral monitoring, psychological testing, research methods, rehabilitation techniques, and psychometrics. Strength in performing diagnostic testing and delivering appropriate therapies. Proven track record of effective results and positive outcomes with clients. Compassionate, understanding, and friendly demeanor when working with challenging clients in any situation.

  • Outstanding knowledge of principles of psychology and mental health and expertise in implementing many types of behavioral and counselling therapies.
  • Competencies in administering and interpreting psychological tests and developing intervention programs to adjust behavior.
  • Ability to provide individual counselling services or facilitate group therapy sessions in a positive and effective manner.
  • Strong sense of integrity when dealing with clients and a commitment to keeping information confidential when necessary.
  • Excellent oral communicator and compassionate listener when discussing details of individual cases with clients and family members.
Work Experience
October 2014 – present



  • Assess the mental condition of clients based on various diagnostic tests, observation, referring notes, and conversations with the individual patient.
  • Provide crisis intervention therapies with clients and determine the risk of suicide or other harmful behaviors when necessary.
  • Track patient progress within a specific program of treatment using a self-designed system that stresses positive behaviors and interventions over time.

May 2007 – October 2014



  • Offered counselling services for patients struggling with substance abuse issues and worked with families to help support and treat individual behaviors.
  • Advocated for clients to assist with additional supplementary services beyond the counsellor’s office, such as medication, social services, and housing help.
  • Opened a free community center counselling office for local citizens without health insurance to address crisis situations.

April 1999 – May 2007




  • Developed a treatment plan for clients based on diagnosed condition, family input, client conversations, and other lifestyle aspects.
  • Used cognitive behavioral therapy techniques to address mental health conditions and improve patient outcomes during a crisis.
  • Implemented treatment plans that resulted in a more than 90 percent success rate, based on survey results six months after completing the program.


Master of Science in Counselling


University of Nebraska
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Psychology


Creighton University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I am a volunteer at a suicide hotline within the Lincoln area. Once a week, I commit to answering the phone or responding to text messages from individuals seeking support for suicidal thoughts or other crises. Additionally, I work on updating the website for the suicide prevention organization by writing and posting articles and blog posts that detail information about how to get help. This organization has been in existence for 25 years and continues to grow and help more people each year.



Counsellor Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Counsellor Do?

Reading over the counsellor CV example can give you somewhat of an idea of what this job entails on a daily basis. A mental health counsellor works with many different types of people who are typically struggling with psychological disorders or substance abuse problems. Counsellors work in different settings, such as hospitals, schools, community centers, mental health facilities, and private practices. They may work with patients in private counselling sessions, or they may interact with clients in a group therapy session. Mental health counsellors review each patient’s file before deciding on a course of treatment. They may have to collaborate with other medical personnel to get the best treatment plan for a patient. They also work with other community resources to provide a comprehensive solution to various issues in the client’s life.

Tips for Creating a Great Counsellor CV

If you’ve always dreamed of working as a mental health counsellor, the importance of a strong CV cannot be stressed enough. On top of using our CV maker, here are some things you can do to improve your standing in a future employer’s eyes:

  • Offer details about the different types of psychological therapies you have experience with to help the employer see what you could assist with.
  • Explain how you have impacted your community by giving information about positive outcomes that have happened with your patients based on your interventions.
  •  Provide evidence of your ability to communicate effectively with people since this is a key component of a counsellor’s job.
  •  Keep your work history clear and concise; include essential details about your most important job duties and accomplishments.
  • Avoid going into too much detail about your educational experiences if you aren’t a recent graduate; discussing your grade point average is usually not necessary.

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