Accounting Resume Examples

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Here’s A Few Of Our Resume Samples

Accountant Resume Sample

Read about the benefits and details of being an accountant. Also, you’ll learn how to create an eye-catching accountant resume that leads to more job offers.

Payroll Specialist
Payroll Specialist

Looking for work as an accounting assistant? First you’ll need to learn what to include on your accounting assistant resume.

Accounting Clerk Resume Sample
Accounting Clerk

Are you looking for help with your accounting clerk resume? Read on and learn everything you need to know about this exciting career opportunity.

Accounts Payable Specialist Resume Sample
Accounts Payable Specialist

An accounts payable specialist resume shows a strong educational foundation and a proactive career approach.


Job Description for an Accounting & Finance Expert

The job possibilities for an impressive accounting and finance resume are almost endless. There are many corporate accounting positions that are available to qualified candidates, including payroll, finance director, tax specialist, and accounts payable expert. A good accounting and finance resume can also open up doors to jobs with the government such as grant underwriting, forensic accounting, and budgeting. The list of duties found on an accounting and finance resume include monitoring revenue, tracking expenses, creating executive reports, and filing government forms. The more that you can show on your accounting and finance resume, the higher your salary will be. If you want the truly significant responsibilities with your account and finance resume, then you have to show that you’ve earned those responsibilities with your educational and professional background.

Educational & Training Requirements

An accounting and finance resume must include a four-year degree in accounting. In order to maximize your accounting and finance resume, you should also have an MBA or some equivalent business education as well. Given the many different options that an accounting and finance resume offers, it’s helpful to have a specific kind of training and education as part of your background. For example, if you’re trying to develop a strong accounting and finance resume in forensics, then an educational background in law enforcement would be appropriate. You’ll also want to pursue your CPA status to help enhance your accounting and finance resume.

Pay Scale

The starting pay for an entry-level accounting and finance position is approximately 32,000 dollars per year. Depending on what field you decide to go into, an experienced accounting and finance position would bring a salary in the range of 68,000 to 109,000 dollars per year.


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