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The purpose of any CV is to help future employers understand what skills you have in a concise and informative manner. One of the best ways to make your CV stand out as you are hunting for jobs is to look over this accounts administrator CV example. This example is designed to help you understand what information to include in your own CV, what type of formatting you should use, and how you can make this document as appealing as possible to those reviewing it after your application has been received.

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Eric Hawkins

9875 E. Oak Road , Scottsdale, AZ 99999

E: T: 555-478-9955

Professional Summary

Skilled accounts administrator with ability to handle multiple accounts on an ongoing basis. Exceptional understanding of various software programs thanks to over 12 years of experience in the industry. Impressive communication skills that ensure those involved with different accounts always know the status of ongoing projects and how they can resolve any issues that may come up. Critical thinking abilities also ensure that areas for improvement are identified and applied to various projects.

  • Strong ability to manage the accuracy of important accounting documents and realize when errors have been made
  • Exceptional critical thinking skills make certain that areas where improvements can be made are always identified and followed through on
  • Proactive attitude that ensures all accounts are managed appropriately and in a timely manner so all clients remain satisfied
  • Ability to communicate with all team members and provide important updates as well as communicate with clients to provide clarification and information
  • Integrity guarantees all accounts are handled honestly and beneficially for the client
Work Experience
Accounts Administrator
April 2014 — Present

  • Establish positive relationships with high-net individuals and respond with urgency to account inquiries
  • Collaborate with client accountants to ensure all documentation is received within a timely manner and all information is correct
  • Generate regular performance reports to analyze the status of each account and identify areas for improvement over time
  • Assess the strength of certain accounts for better performance and greater transparency

Registered Accounts Administrator
March 2011 – March 2014

  • Led investment initiatives for clients in a wide range of industries to help them maximize their profits and realize measurable financial success

  • Oversaw a small team of five professionals who oversaw the day-to-day maintenance needs of each individual account

  • Helped upper management understand what was occurring with each account and generated forecasts and reports for every one on a weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis

Payroll & Accounts Administrator
March 2005 – February 2011

  • Arranged in-house training activities for accounts administrators and those in upper level management
  • Conducted regular meetings with clients to ensure all documentation was correct and client satisfaction was continually maintained
  • Controlled accounts payable activities to see that taxes were correctly filed and all finances were managed appropriately

Master of Accountancy

Arizona State University
Tempe Arizona
Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Arizona State University
Tempe Arizona
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy riding my bike through the trails in the desert and hiking on a regular basis. I also enjoy filming short movies in my spare time and entering them into movie festivals near my local area. Additionally, I like to go to the movies, cook, and spend time with my spouse and two children.

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Accounts Administrator CV Must-Haves

In the accounting field, accounts administrators are responsible for verifying that various accounts are handled in the proper manner. By making sure that all entries into different accounts are correct, they simultaneously ensure that projects and businesses can continue to be successful. On a day-to-day basis, they may meet with clients, hold trainings and informational seminars for fellow employees, analyze the status of different accounts, and contact other parties to make sure needed payments are received in a timely manner. This accounts administrator CV example is designed to help you understand what type of skills accounts administrators need, what they do on a regular basis, and the types of positions they hold within their industry.

Tips for Creating a Great Accounts Administrator CV

Now that you have reviewed our CV example, you have the necessary tools to either refine your current CV or draft one of these important documents from scratch. Here are a few guidelines to follow before you submit your CV to a prospective future employer:

-Your personal statement is one of the first things an employer sees, so make sure it is interesting, concise, and informational.
-Always begin each entry listed in the Work History section with an action verb to illustrate what you did in each position.
-Refrain from including anything too personal in your hobbies and interests section so employers can learn more about you with it being too much.
-Before submitting your CV with an application, review it carefully so you are able to catch minor, embarrassing errors.