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Whether you have moved to a new city or just need a change of pace, you may find yourself sending out your CV all over town to get a new job. Even if a law firm could benefit from your expertise as a corporate lawyer, you need to adequately convey that information through your CV. A CV missing vital information or lacking the proper format is likely going to be sent into the garbage bin. Every aspect of the document needs to be geared toward getting you this new position. Use this corporate lawyer CV example as your personal guide.
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Shirley McCollum

65465 Brentridge Avenue, Miami, FL 11111

E: T: 555-845-2385

Professional Summary

Skilled corporate lawyer with a years’ long track record of working for a variety of businesses. Extensive knowledge of laws surrounding start-up businesses and mergers. Additional knowledge in Florida tax law and have proven to be an invaluable asset to past employers who required assistance filing taxes at the end of the fiscal year. Ability to build relations with clients and have obtained numerous repeat clients over the years.

    -Intricate understanding of business law at both the state and national level -Strong interpersonal skills to build bonds with clients so they continue hiring law firm’s services for years to come -Ability to network and develop connections while at conferences -Experience using accounting and data mining software -Complex problem solving skills to help both sides reach a settlement both can be happy with
Work Experience
Corporate Attorney
March 2011 – Present

  • Draft documents for acquisition and merger cases, and ensure every aspect is in compliance with the law.
  • Advise clients on the potential outcomes of certain actions, including an instance where I directed a client toward acquiring a different small business, which resulted in a much more favorable outcome in the long run.
  • Report to senior partners about how certain cases are progressing, and recommend new courses of actions for when a case has become stagnant.
  • Negotiate disputes that inevitably arise when two parties do not see eye to eye.

Corporate Lawyer
July 2009 – March 2011

  • Predominantly worked with start-up businesses to take full advantage of tax incentives available to them.

  • Informed new businesses about whether becoming a limited liability partnership, S-corporation, or something else entirely would be the best course of action.

  • Ensured all important documents were filed with the Secretary of State before deadlines.

  • Acted as an executor for over a dozen companies’ estates.

Assistant Counsel
May 2005 – July 2009

  • Worked with senior lawyers to determine probable outcomes of cases.
  • Selected jurors and complied with all state regulations concerning trial proceedings.
  • Gathered evidence, and frequently worked with an investigative team in order to strengthen cases.
  • Interviewed clients to determine whether testimony would be of use at trial.

Juris Doctor

Florida Coastal School of Law
Jacksonville FL
Bachelor of Science in Business

University of South Florida
Tampa FL
Hobbies and Interests

While my career takes up most of my time, I do enjoy jet skiing when I have the opportunity. I actually own my own gear, so when friends or family members are in town, we always head over to the beach for a few hours of relaxation.

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Corporate Lawyer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Corporate Lawyer Do?

Lawyers can specialize in any field, and corporate lawyers primarily deal with business dealings, such as mergers and acquisitions. A typical day may include drafting up documents and ensuring everything is communicated clearly so every party is protected. Corporate attorneys also have to ensure that all documents are in compliance with any state or national regulations. When deadlines need to be met, the attorney needs to ensure everything is signed promptly and submitted in a timely fashion. In the event an acquisition needs to be brought to a judge, the attorney will represent the client during all proceedings. This kind of work involves extensive knowledge of the law and the ability to work with a wide range of personalities, so you need to convey you can handle all that just like the corporate lawyer CV example does.

Tips for Creating a Great Corporate Lawyer CV

Get your CV noticed by employers by following these advantageous tips:

– The Professional Summary should be no more than six lines in length, and it needs to offer a succinct snapshot of what you bring to the table.
– As you are discussing work experience, you should discuss duties at your current job in the present tense while duties at past jobs should be discussed in the past tense.
– Include any accomplishments within the Work Experience section, such as a time you really assisted a client.
– Begin Work Experience bullet points with strong verbs as opposed to something like “Responsible forÂ…”
– You do not have to list specific companies you worked with in the past if you are bound by attorney-client privilege.
– Spellcheck will not always catch everything on a document, so read over your CV yourself before sending it in.


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