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Have you found yourself in a rut trying to get job interviews? It is a lot more difficult than most people realize. The thing you have to understand is that hiring managers read many applications any time a job is open. It is up to you in your CV to convince the job recruiter that you deserve to be interviewed. If you are not sure how to do that, then you should read through the below professional program officer CV example and tips that follow.
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Elle O’Brien

91009 Chandler Boulevard, Salt Lake City, UT 11111

E: T: 555-900-6590

Professional Summary

Dedicated program officer with years of experience working for nonprofit organizations. Excelled at organizing teams and sticking with the budget provided. Ability to build and maintain relationships with businesses across the community to acquire more funding. Exceptional skills in recruiting new people to join nonprofits and evaluating performances to see where improvements can be made.

    -Active listening skills to actually hear what people are saying and ask questions when appropriate -Time management skills to manage company’s time most effectively -Effective management of fiscal resources to determine best use of resources -Exceptional public speaking skills to communication to large groups of people -Strong knowledge with user interface software such as FileMaker Pro
Work Experience
Program Officer
September 2014 – Present

  • Review grant requests and determine where funds get allocated.
  • Visit client sites to acquire more information related to why grants should be offered.
  • Speak to groups in the community to talk about new programs and policies.
  • Prepare training manuals to give to new recruits that effectively outline how business should be conducted, and the addition of a manual reduced hours off the standard training time.
  • Analyze legislation to determine how it could potentially affect the nonprofit’s work.

Program Officer
October 2012 – September 2014

  • Offered public relations management to various clients to help them become more involved in the community.

  • Directed fundraising activities and raised over $50,000 for the nonprofit.

  • Represented the company to numerous news outlets and gave many interviews during time working here.

  • Planned budgets and administered maintenance on pieces of equipment.

Program Officer
May 2010 – October 2012

  • Attended charity galas and spoke with people there to convince them to donate to the cause.
  • Participated in staff meetings and collaborated with team members to develop new programs and events.
  • Conducted research to obtain more information regarding grant proposals.
  • Worked within a team to determine what requirements are needed to complete a project and what benefits stand to be gained.

Bachelor’s Degree in Nonprofit Management

Utah Valley University
Orem UT

Hobbies and Interests

When I am not working, I enjoy running marathons. It is nice to not have to organize an event from time to time and simply be a participant. Although I have only ran half-marathons so far, I am currently prepping to run my first full marathon, which I am incredibly excited to complete.

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Program Officer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Program Officer Do?

Program officers generally work for nonprofit organizations and trusts. These officers generally review grant proposals and try to acquire funding for the company. This can involve preparing reports and projections to show why the organization should be allotted any grants. Program officers lead teams and assign duties to each member. They may also prepare training materials to the team members and may even produce a manual to show people how certain jobs need to be conducted. Additional duties may also include acting as a consultant to state agencies, recruiting new volunteers, participating in staff meetings, and evaluating the work of all volunteers. Regardless of the exact organization you are working for, you can expect to perform some variation of these tasks, so make sure to include them in a manner similar to the program officer CV example above.

Tips for Creating a Great Program Officer CV

You should now have a general idea of what goes into an effective CV, but make sure to follow these beneficial tips as well:

– Make sure your contact information is up to date, and try not to change phone numbers if you know you still have CVs circulating.
– Include a Professional Summary that is only four to five lines long and uses sentence fragments instead of full-length sentences.
– Go beyond the basics of what you have done as a program officer. Think about specific accomplishments you have achieved in your past such as how much money you have raised for your organization.
– In addition to listing any college degrees you have earned under Education, you can also list any coursework, internships, or school organizations you have excelled at.
– Under your Hobbies and Interests, you should talk about an interest that further shows your proficiency with a certain skill. Do not talk about hobbies that could be viewed as controversial, which includes anything political or religious.


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