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2021 Cover Letter Templates to Get You Hired Faster

Your resume is only as good as your cover letter. In fact, many hiring managers will decide whether to toss out an application based on its cover letter. So, although it's important to spend time perfecting your resume, it's also important to perfect your cover letter.

Your resume is only as good as your cover letter.

Some jobseekers find that formatting a cover letter is as difficult as formatting a resume. You have to become familiar with the different parts of a cover letter before you can begin. If you need help creating your own standout document, check out our professional cover letter templates. You'll find a variety of formatting options to choose from, based on your individual preferences.

2021 Cover Letter Templates

Simple Cover Letter Template


Whether you've recently graduated from high school or you're looking for your first job, use a simple cover letter template. It's appropriate for a wide variety of entry-level jobs. Whether you want to become a dental assistant, customer service representative, or waitress, a simple cover letter is ideal.

Practically all industries welcome this style for entry-level or part-time positions. Kevin Peterson, Sales Manager for C.R. Doors and Moulding, doesn't expect fancy cover letters when reviewing applications for laborers or salespeople. He says, "fancy formatting isn't really expected or required" for entry-level applications.

If you have very little or no past job experience, a simple cover letter is a good choice. It's short and precise, so it should be perfect for your situation. This doesn't mean you shouldn't spend time making your document look good. You still need to ensure that it's formatted correctly and argues why you're the best person for the job. Use our simple cover letter templates to help you create a great document.

Professional Cover Letter Template


If you're a professional with a degree and several years of work experience, then you're not looking for an entry-level position. A professional cover letter style is a better choice for you than a simple format. You're serious about pursuing a relevant career in your field. You also have the education and/or experience necessary to apply for competitive positions.

Hiring managers expect jobseekers like you to have professional resumes and cover letters. You don't have the luxury of claiming ignorance when formatting your cover letter, so take the time to perfect it and make it exceptional. You not only need to make sure it has no grammatical errors but that it clearly shows your abilities as a professional in your field.

If you're trying to land a management position or fill a vacancy for an accountant role, choose a professional format. Industries that prefer this style include finance, education, healthcare, and others. Our cover letter templates will show you how to make your document as impressive as possible.

Internship Cover Letter Template


Writing an internship cover letter can be challenging. As a current or newly-graduated student, you don't have a lot of experience writing cover letters. Also, your job experience is minimal at best.

Don't get discouraged, though. Employers who hire interns don't expect them to have a lot of previous experience. Instead of getting hung up on your past experience (or lack of it), draw attention to your relevant transferrable skills.

If you worked your way through school, mention the skills you developed and the things you accomplished in your role. Details like this can help paint a clear picture of who you are as a professional, even if they may not seem relevant to the internship.

Many jobs accept internship cover letters. Examples include positions in the finance, marketing, entertainment, and engineering industries. Whether you want to become a journalist, engineer, or accountant, a great internship cover letter could help. Refer to our internship cover letter templates to get started.

Email Cover Letter Template


Come on, it's 2021. You can submit an email cover letter for practically any role in any company. Most employers prefer to receive resumes and other documents via email. If you're applying to a company that accepts this format, you'll need to prepare an email cover letter.

So why include an email cover letter? We encourage jobseekers to include an attachment of a cover letter. Don't write it directly in the email field itself.

Fortunately, an email cover letter is basically the same as a standard cover letter. Just remember to write it in a separate document and attach it to the message (unless the company requests otherwise). As with a standard cover letter, it should be fairly brief and should accurately sum up the information in your resume.

Try to keep the information limited to three or four brief paragraphs. Remember to include a compelling subject line in your email before pushing the "send" button. If you need a little help creating your document, refer to our email cover letter templates.

Executive Cover Letter Template


An executive cover letter is appropriate for top-level positions across all industries. It is commonly submitted for executive and director roles in companies of all sizes. The key to creating a compelling executive cover letter is to use words that convey confidence, experience, and leadership.

You are applying for a position that holds power, trust, and authority, so you need to look the part. Your primary goal should be to convince the hiring company that you are capable of filling the role better than anyone else.

Your past experience has gotten you to this point in your career, so be sure to mention it in your cover letter. Your document should be an abbreviated version of your resume. Choose the best achievements and skills from your resume and include them in your cover letter. Remember to keep things brief. In general, a cover letter should not be longer than four paragraphs. Use our executive cover letter templates to help you format your document.

The key to landing a good job is creating an excellent cover letter. Fortunately, there are tools available to help you succeed. Check out MyPerfectCoverLetter's customizable cover letter builder. It will help you create your own personalized document. You're also welcome to reference our various cover letter templates. Before you know it, you'll have a professional cover letter that's industry-specific and will help you make a good impression on hiring managers.

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