Graduate Assistant Cover Letter Example + Tips

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A cover letter has many purposes, one of the most important of which is to give a potential employer greater insight into your personality, beyond what a resume alone can do. It gives you an opportunity to emphasize the skills you have that are specific to the field, and you can also convey professionalism with the skillful way you write the letter. Follow this free graduate assistant cover letter sample to gain an understanding of this letter writing format.

Dear Mr. Rosen,

I read your listing for the position of graduate assistant and wanted to express my interest in taking on this job. Not only am I enthusiastic about this position, but I have all the qualities you are looking for.

A passion for learning is evident in my qualifications and achievements. I have over four years of experience in academics and administrative support. In this time, I have taken on duties such as project facilitation and curriculum development. Currently I am pursuing a graduate degree in teaching and have had great success working with students.

I also have extensive experience with computers and am well-versed in data entry and analysis. I have used these tools to complete research projects, among other tasks, and I can bring extensive knowledge of current technology to the table.

I believe I have a lot to offer if you choose me for this position. My passion for learning is backed up by real experience and qualification. I would love to meet and discuss this further in an interview. Thank you for your time and your consideration.

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What to Include in a Graduate Assistant Cover Letter

Ensuring that your letter flows properly starts by keeping it succinct. Don’t let it go longer than a page, and stay on the topic at hand while maintaining a professional tone. Start your letter by getting to the point and opening with your purpose for writing and why you believe you are qualified. Being eloquent in expressing yourself and your passion for the job will prove how well qualified you are. Following the outline of this free graduate assistant cover letter sample should lead you to a good end result.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

When mentioning your previous experience, it is always a good idea to include some industry-specific skills, as exemplified in the free graduate assistant cover letter sample.

● Leadership: Graduate assistants must facilitate projects and enforce class standards, all for the good of the students.
● Organization: This job often involves creating lesson plans for students to learn from, along with other administrative duties.
● Computer skills: Many of the tasks involved with this job require the use of computers, from designing websites to researching topics. Proficiency in this area is a huge plus.
● Networking: Being a graduate assistant often means recruiting students, making connections, and getting to know people.