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Social Worker Cover Letter Example

What It’s Like to Work In the Social Work Field

Social workers work with people to help them solve or cope with the problems they encounter in their everyday lives. The tasks that social workers complete each day will vary based on where they work and the exact sub-category they work in, yet many of the roles that social workers complete on a daily basis are the same.
Social workers identify people who need help, perform assessments to determine their strengths, weaknesses and needs, and then develop meaningful and practical action plans to help them. They may do research to develop new ways to help people, or they may work with clients in a one-on-one setting. Social workers respond quickly in crisis situations, advocate for their clients and provide follow-up care to help ensure that their clients are thriving after they have received the help that they need.

Benefits of Working in Social Work

Social work is an attractive career choice for many people because it offers them a way to truly help others in a hands-on and meaningful way. Social workers work with a wide variety of people groups, and the job is challenging and rewarding. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, social workers make an average of over $44,000 a year, and the demand for qualified social workers is growing.

Why You Need a Social Worker Cover Letter

For social workers, having a wealth of book knowledge simply isn’t enough. Social workers also need to be personable, relatable and friendly as well. A social worker cover letter is a great way for applicants to let their personality and passion shine. When paired with a strong resume, a social worker cover letter can easily help an applicant truly stand out in an employer’s mind, helping him or her to land the job.

Social Worker Cover Letter Example