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What’s a CV? The term is an abbreviation of curriculum vitae, which is Latin for “the course of my life.” Like a resume, a CV details your most notable work experience, skills, and achievements and used by employers to evaluate job candidates.

Unlike a resume, a CV is a more detailed analysis of your relevant accomplishments, which also includes scholarships, grants, publications, and even hobbies. While most employers suggest a two-page maximum for resumes, a CV can be over 10 pages in length. Perhaps best of all, you don’t have to tailor your CV for specific jobs.

Though it’s not popular in America outside the academic industry, you may still want to create one. If you plan to get a job overseas, it will come in handy. Creating and rewgularly updating a CV will also help you track your accomplishments and simplify resume writing. Plus, you may encounter an employer who just prefers CVs over resumes. Check out our CV templates and accompanying guides to get your own CV started

CV Templates by Industry

CV Template Help for Academia

  • Typically, you write in the first person for an academic CV. International CV’s stick to the first person narrative and American resumes use the third person. While we advise using the first person, you don’t need to stress if you used the third person. Except, there’s one section where using the first person is especially important.
  • Use a professional tone with simple language to make your CV easy to read.
  • Be concise but cover all relevant information. You can discuss details of your CV during the interview process.
  • Refer to our CV templates for additional inspiration.
  • Add your name and contact information at the top of the document and in either the header or footer of each page.

CV Template for Academia


Use this section to write a short bio.


Outline all education here using this format:


University of California, Berkeley Ph.D., English Literature 2014University of Southern California Master of Arts, English Literature 2013University of Massachusetts Bachelor of Science, English Literature 2012

List all of your research experience here, using headers for each university for clarity. See the examples below for how to format this section.


Graduate research with J. O’Neill, January 2013–May 2013 Women’s Role in Shakespearean Tragedies A semester-long study and research paper of the development of female characters in works by Shakespeare.

In this section, showcase any published papers. Typically, entries would be reverse chronological order and numbered. If you are applying for a teaching position, then it’s especially important to show your most recent publications first. The format for listing these writings is below but here is an example:


1. Jones, J. Butterfly Patterns in Western United States. Nature Research Journal, 2016, Vol. 15, 123-137

List all of your mentorship experience in this section in reverse chronological order and lead with the date for clarity.


[Date] [Title] [University] [Description of mentorship experience]

List at least three references in this section with complete contact information for each. Be sure to alert your references that an employer may contact them!


[Reference name] [Title] [Department] [University] [Address] [Phone] [Email]