In most job application processes, you make your first impression through your CV. It is essential to include all your relevant skills and qualifications, and to write in a confident manner for maximum impact. If you aren’t sure what a strong CV looks like, read through the Professional Summary, Work History, and Skills sections in our professional analyst CV example. We’ve also included tips to help improve your writing style so you have the best chance of impressing any hiring manager.


Mark Jackson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Dedicated analyst with exceptional problem-solving ability and critical thinking skills. Experience with numerous aspects of financial and intelligence analysis, including use of open-source and proprietary software to perform statistical calculations and model data and projections. Expert understanding of applied mathematical concepts, along with accepted research methods and evaluation standards. Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with both technical and nontechnical colleagues and clients.

  • Exceptional critical thinking and problem-solving skills to understand project requirements and goals and create valid solutions using available data and accepted analysis techniques.
  • Strong communication skills, including ability to explain complex technical data and conclusions to a broad audience in an understandable way.
  • Expert-level proficiency with Microsoft Office, Access, SAP, statistical analysis software, MATLAB, and SQL.
  • Comprehensive understanding of upper-level mathematical principles, including statistical analysis, probability, data modeling, and applied math concepts.
  • Experience working in several areas of finance, including personal investing, corporate budgetary modeling, and risk analysis.
Work Experience
Risk Analyst


  • Analyze financial statements and credit history data to calculate risk associated with lending funds to individuals or corporations.
  • Evaluate financial status of individual clients, including researching past monetary transactions and generating financial ratios.
  • Use computerized analysis programs to compare multiple financial aspects, such as liquidity and profitability, of several establishments within a given industry and geographic location.
  • Develop updated analysis workflow, incorporating database research and new modeling simulations to reduce overall analysis timeline and improve accuracy of projections.

Junior Financial Analyst


  • Created investment plans to meet clients’ financial goals using analysis of current assets and accepted projection models of industry and economic climate data.
  • Provided support to senior analysts, including performing research and data collection, completing and verifying calculations, and creating MATLAB scripts to simplify mathematical processes.
  • Compared and evaluated numerous investments and securities using industry data, economic forecasts, and standardized simulations.
  • Researched economic trends and prepared written and oral reports to present conclusions to clients and managers.



Intelligence Analyst Intern


  • Worked alongside senior analysts collecting data from classified and open sources, organizing possible solutions and testing numerous data models to reach correct conclusions.
  • Participated in one-on-one training to learn about analysis methodologies and study proprietary analysis software.
  • Authored comprehensive reports detailing initial project objectives, data collection, analysis methods, and postulated or confirmed results.
  • Offered entry-level position at conclusion of the internship.





Master of Mathematics in Financial Analysis


University of Colorado
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics


Colorado State University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

Enjoy swimming and hiking. Play the piano and enjoy board games. Teach math essentials course at local library. Volunteer at local homeless shelter.



Analyst Job Overview and Tips

What Does an Analyst Do?

An analyst may work in a variety of disciplines, such as finance, logistics, marketing, quality control, and intelligence. While the details of the job vary depending on the industry, the essential qualifications for an analyst remain largely the same. As an analyst, you will collect, organize, and study data from various sources to form conclusions, predictions, and solutions to various problems. You may be working directly for clients, or you could be using internal data to study and improve company performance. As you can see in the analyst CV example, some of the most important areas to highlight in your CV are critical thinking, problem-solving, and logical reasoning. You must also have strong communication skills to present your conclusions in written and/or verbal reports that make sense to your audience, so make sure your CV highlights both your technical and relational abilities.

Tips for Creating a Great Analyst CV

These tips and our CV maker can help you upgrade your writing style and avoid common mistakes for an excellent CV.

  • Market yourself in your Professional Summary by including career achievements with metrics (if possible) and using terms such as expert and successful.
  • Be concise in your work history section by choosing descriptive verbs to eliminate the need for excessive detail. Good word choices for an analyst include researched, calculated, projected, modeled, and determined.
  • Use reverse chronological order for your Work History section, starting with your current or most recent position. Discuss your current job with present-tense language, and switch to past tense for all previous work.
  • Make sure your CV is easy to read by choosing a standard font and formatting for A4 paper. Convert your final copy to a PDF to make sure page breaks are in the right locations and aren’t leaving single lines of text anywhere on the page.

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