The SAS software platform has become an integral part of data storage, configuration, and analysis in the past several years, and this has translated into a robust market for SAS programmer professionals. Applications for SAS range from the banking to medical industries, so it is important to identify which practice area your SAS skills are in. Make your CV both broadly appealing and specific at the same time by getting ideas from this SAS programmer CV examples and related tips.

Marilyn Martinson

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

An analytical and logic-based information technology professional who has extensive SAS experience as well as a broad background in database programming. Flexible with changing project guidelines, my knowledge of and agility with using the SAS platform results in solutions where absolute accuracy in data reports and extractions takes place.

  • Experience using SAS Stored Processes, SAS Grid Environment, SAS Web Applications, and SAS Visual Analytics.
  • UNIX scripting experience and extensive knowledge of Windows applications.
  • Proactive communicator with other members of a project team in order to optimize the flow of information necessary to produce quality database programs in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • In-depth experience with File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and SQL query.
  • Specialist in SAS application development for the clinical healthcare industry.
  • Independent worker focused on producing the best SAS solutions possible for the client.
Work Experience
Senior SAS Programmer
2014 – Present


  • Develop software using the SAS platform in order to produce clinical data reports.
  • Work with a team of medical professionals, statisticians, and database programmers to design protocols for clinical trials and custom build trial databases.
  • Analyze clinical trial data’s interaction with the database and make adjustments as deemed necessary by the development team.
  • Coordinate with programming staff in order to expedite database programming functions.
  • Implement statistical analysis plan protocol in concert with the trial team statistician.
  • Complete data analysis summary reports in a timely manner.



SAS Programmer-
2011 – 2014


Company Name


  • Developed SAS table templates and coding protocol in order to process and analyze clinical trial data.
  • Built datasets for the clinical database using SAS platform.
  • Monitored data transfers of clinical trial information to guard data integrity and safety.
  • Initiated a quality control process for the statistical modeling function to enhance the accuracy of clinical trial data results.
  • Ensured that all data analysis, including tables and datasets, were validated.
  • Communicated internal team objectives to management both verbally and in writing.


SAS Programmer
2009 – 2011


  • Wrote SAS data programs for management, merging, and analysis for every aspect of clinical reporting including datasets, listings, and tables.
  • Used SAS functionality used in clinical trial reporting including the Macro, BASE SAS, SAS/GRAPH, and SAS/STAT.
  • Communicated project objectives clearly both verbally and in writing.
  • Achieved Advanced SAS Programmer certification.
  • Complied with HIPAA regulations regarding the secure configuration of servers.
  • Utilized independent work habits and efficient prioritization.





Bachelor of Science in Computer Science


SAS Global Certification Basic Programmer


Advanced Programmer
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy relaxing after work by pursuing the sports of slacklining and yoga. I am also a volunteer with the local middle school’s Lego League, where I mentor a team and teach them basic programming skills.


Questions for Your SAS Programmer CV

How do you write an objective statement for an SAS programmer CV?

Only certain jobseekers should use resume objectives, such as those who have been out of the job market for a long time or are just starting out. Otherwise, start the informational part of your CV with a professional summary, as illustrated in the SAS programmer CV sample.

As the first thing recruiters see, the summary should focus on the elements of your knowledge and experience that a potential employer would find most impressive. Since the bulk of your SAS experience is likely in a particular industry, mention this practice area in your summary to set the tone for the rest of the CV.

How do you describe achievements on your SAS programmer CV?

Think about the projects you’ve completed that make you the proudest. If your team at your last job built a database that increased the accuracy and efficiency of data reports for the whole company, give details of that experience when you list that job. If you have multiple awards or publications that could set you apart from other applicants, consider having a separate section on your CV just for these achievements.

How do you describe computer skills on your SAS programmer CV?

Your CV is a good place to keep a running list of all the programs you master throughout your career. Such a list demonstrates a pattern of keeping up with new technologies while still expanding your knowledge of the basics. As shown on the SAS programmer CV sample, place the bulk of your skills above the fold right after the summary.

List every aspect of SAS with which you are familiar. Because UNIX and Window applications go hand in hand with your work as a programmer, include them as well. Your education section is another place to show computer skills. If you have taken a certification course for a specific program or analysis tool, mention it in this section to indicate your commitment to excellence in your work.

How do you write the experience section of your SAS programmer CV?

Every job that requires the use of your data analysis skills paves the way for future opportunities. Start your list with your current or most recent job and work backwards. Give the job title and the date range of your employment in that position. You can see on the SAS programmer CV sample how this creates a clear timeline of your career path.

Start each bullet point with an action verb, distinguishing between current employment and past employment with present and past tense, respectively. The information listed in the bullet points should be a mix of programming and soft skills to illustrate your ability to thrive both individually and with a team.

What does a good SAS programmer CV look like?

The purpose of a CV is to detail your experience in a way that gives a full picture of the skills you bring to the table as an SAS programmer. It does not just list what you can do; it shows the unique way you fine-tune those skills through your education and experience. The CV builder can help you create a customized CV with industry-specific text examples that make you stand out with prospective employers.

SAS Programmer CV Must-Haves

What Does a SAS Programmer Do?

SAS is an acronym for the phrase statistical analysis system and is the shortened name for software from a company called the SAS Institute. The SAS structure is so flexible and solution-oriented that virtually any industry can modify off-the-shelf SAS software into a formidable tool to increase profitability, analyze data, and conduct customer intelligence.

To work with SAS, it is best that a programmer also has other associated skills and knowledge, for example, with UNIX programming and Windows applications. Programmers who have SAS in their skills toolkit and communicate this clearly in their CV are in demand. Check out the SAS programmer CV example for a look at a SAS programmer in the medical industry and note the mentions of SAS programming for clinical trial applications.

Tips for Creating a Great SAS Programmer CV

Even though the job prospects are excellent for SAS programmers right now, there are many programmers who are retooling their skill sets and getting in on the action. This makes it imperative that you have a CV that clearly communicates what you have to offer. Use the following tips to make your CV shine:

  • Use one of our CV templates to ensure your resume looks sharp and is ATS-friendly.
  • Make sure to document any projects you initiated in your positions in the work experience category.
  • If you have credentials that are not relevant to the position you are applying for, do not list them after your name.
  • In the programming field, certifications are important because they show that you meet or exceed a specific standard of performance. Make sure to include them in the education section.
  • Have a friend or family member read through your CV to make sure there are no grammatical or spelling errors.

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