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Air hostesses are typically the faces of an airline. They are the ones who interact directly with the general public, so hiring managers want to be 100 percent certain they are bringing the most qualified applicants on board. It may seem tough to sell yourself with only a page, but the air hostess CV example below shows how that can be accomplished. After you finish reviewing the sample CV, read the extra CV writing tips to learn more about what job recruiters would recommend.
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Michelle Rumaker

76509 Rose Garden Boulevard , New York City, NY 11111

E: T: 555-121-3113

Professional Summary

Personable air hostess with years of experience in the sky, providing patrons with the most pleasant experience possible. Thorough understanding of FAA regulations and exceptional monitoring skills to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable on their flights. Excelled at going above and beyond what was expected to give passengers a more memorable experience. Exceptional public speaking skills and completely comfortable offering instructions at the front of the plane.

  • Customer service skills and passion for always looking for ways to offer assistance to passengers
  • Great public speaking skills and ability to enunciate clearly
  • Adept at understanding basic human psychology and able to identify when a patron is feeling stressed or uneasy
  • Thorough knowledge on how to use aircraft escape systems, oxygen equipment, life preservers, and other important items that are needed on planes
  • Excellent manual dexterity to hold onto items while on an aircraft in flight
Work Experience
Air Hostess
March 2016 – Present

  • Greet passengers upon boarding and show them to seats if necessary.
  • Begin every flight by stating emergency protocols and demonstrating how to use safety equipment properly.
  • Offer food, beverages, and other amenities to passengers throughout flight and respond to requests in a timely manner.
  • Assist passengers with special needs get onto the plane and disembark upon arrival.
  • Reassure patrons that everything is fine when plane experiences turbulence and assure everyone that it is normal.

Flight Attendant
February 2014 – March 2016

  • Inspected cabins before and after flights and cleaned up before next set of passengers embarked.

  • Answered all questions passengers had regarding the flight.

  • Collected money when patrons needed to pay for in-flight entertainment or additional meals.

  • Operated video systems and conducted basic troubleshooting when a passenger was experiencing a technical difficulty.

  • Checked in on patrons at regular intervals to see if anything else could be done to make flight even better.

Flight Attendant
August 2012 – February 2014

  • Inspected tickets to ensure passengers were boarding the correct flight.
  • Asked for feedback through email after flights to see if passengers had any recommendations for improvements; however, flights had a 95 percent approval rating from patrons.
  • Took inventory and requested supplies be restocked when it was essential.
  • Attended preflight sessions to learn more about how to offer better customer service.

Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Management

Fordham University
Bronx NY

Hobbies and Interests

Working as an air hostess can be quite time-consuming, but whenever I have free time, I enjoy volunteering at a New York-based afterschool program. The goal is to help kids with their homework and to give them activities to do so they are not wandering the streets on their own. I have helped numerous children through this program, and it is incredibly rewarding.

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Air Hostess CV Must-Haves

What Does an Air Hostess Do?

Air hostesses perform many tasks to ensure passengers have a positive experience while travelling via plane. This includes offering snacks and other amenities, listening to people’s concerns, greeting people when boarding, thanking people when leaving, inspecting tickets, and operating video and audio equipment. Disputes can arise on a plane, and it is up to the hostess to listen to both individuals’ concerns to find an amicable solution. Flight attendants also need to show patrons how to use all the safety equipment at the beginning of each flight, or they need to clearly communicate over the intercom how each item is supposed to be used in the event of an emergency. By presenting all these experiences effectively in your own CV, similarly to how the information is shown on the air hostess CV example, you will show you are ready for this line of work.

Tips for Creating a Great Air Hostess CV

If you need more advice, here are some extra CV writing pointers:

-The Professional Summary needs to emphasize the most important skills you have that will come in handy in the position. In this case, that would be customer service and communication.
-Work experience needs to be written in reverse chronological order. The reason is you want the hiring manager to know immediately where you are in your career right now as opposed to where you were years ago.
-When possible, you should include quantifiable metrics. This means giving specific numbers and data on what you accomplished during your time at a place of employment.
-The only time you should state your GPA under the Education section is if you graduated recently.
-You can include any conferences you attended that helped you develop skills as an air hostess. Additional sections can be added to include memberships, awards, or honors you have earned.


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