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Copywriter CV Example


If getting chosen for interviews and landing the job of your dreams is your goal, you need to have an exceptional curriculum vitae. If you think writing an attention-grabbing CV is a daunting task, fear not. With the right tools and helpful information, writing your CV is quite manageable. Below, you can take a look at a copywriter CV example that shows you just how your CV should look. You’ll get to see proper formatting, what information to include, and how to structure the document. Then, read the tips included to ensure your CV meets the right requirements.

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Elizabeth O’Brien

1774 Oak Lane, Seattle, WA 11111

E: T: 555-852-9164

Professional Summary

Skilled copywriter with 12 years of experience working in advertising. Committed to producing exceptional and creative types of content, including articles, internet content, advertisements, commercials, brochures, and publications. Experienced in a variety of writing styles and determined to strive for the best. Dedicated team player who enjoys working with others to develop innovative ideas. Seasoned professional with the goal of going beyond what is expected.

  • -Exceptional writing skills that allow me to transform my ideas into writing that effectively communicates information to the appropriate audiences. -Excellent listening skills that are helpful when listening to client wants and needs and providing exactly the work they want. -Solid background in marketing that allows me to understand how the product development, promotion, and sales process works and how to strategically reach target customers. -Outstanding creative thinking skills that are helpful for overcoming issues in writing and for coming up with new and innovative ideas. -Strong customer service skills that allow me to communicate clearly and effectively with my clients and establish quality standards.
Work Experience
November 2010 – present

  • Write advertising copy designed to effectively reach customers in the appropriate target markets to promote products and services.
  • Discuss products and services with clients to learn all the details and specifications to ensure the appropriate advertising methods and themes are used.
  • Create content for internet, publication, and broadcast media using creative concepts.
  • Research what aspects will make products and services more appealing to customers to maximize the number of sales.

May 2005 – November 2010

  • Wrote persuasive copy for brochures, websites, and advertisements to ensure customers were reached.

  • Ensured budgets were maintained and that work was completed according to schedule.

  • Utilized search engine optimization techniques, and edited and revised content as needed by clients.

  • Worked with art directors and account managers to create ideas and schedules that worked with the projects at hand.

Web Content Writer
July 2003 – May 2005

  • Communicated with clients to establish project requirements and followed editorial guidelines.
  • Created original, engaging articles that were succinct, informative, and easy to read.
  • Worked with developers and other IT staff to address technical challenges in displaying content online.

Bachelor of the Arts in Advertising

Washington State University
Pullman Washington

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy writing both at work and at home. I have a blog that I write for weekly, and I share information on recipes, DIY projects, fitness, healthy eating, and other lifestyle topics. I also love swimming and running in my spare time to keep fit. Every month, I volunteer at a homeless shelter in my home town.

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Copywriter CV Must-Haves

What Does a Copywriter Do?

Copywriters are responsible for creating content and turning ideas into words for the use of advertising through articles, publications, television commercials, internet content, flyers, press releases, and pamphlets. The goal is for their content to effectively promote the sale of services and goods. They have many responsibilities, including ensuring advertisers’ messages are properly delivered, presenting drafts to clients, discussing products and advertising methods with clients, revising and editing copy, developing new concepts, ensuring budgets and schedules are adhered to, utilizing search engine optimization techniques, and responding to feedback. Copywriters must use their writing skills to get readers to take action. That action could be purchasing a product or engaging with a company or a service. The copywriter CV example above shows you how to format your CV and where you should include your relevant skills and experience.

Tips for Creating a Great Copywriter CV

Now that you’ve had the time to look at a complete CV example to see what these documents should look like, it is time to begin crafting your own. Here are some things to remember while making your CV:

– Remember to choose a good size of font for your CV, and ensure it is not too small. Your goal is to make your CV readable and organized so hiring managers can look through your information with ease.
– Don’t forget to proofread. This is extremely important, as errors may show carelessness. Check carefully for grammar and spelling mistakes and ensure your word choice is concise.
– Go beyond basic duties when writing about your experience. Use accomplishments to show employers any times you excelled at your position.
– Don’t include any information that is too personal. Keep aspects such as political or religious views out of your Hobbies section, and keep your language positive.
– Keep your work experience section clear and concise to clearly highlight your qualifications.