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The contemporary job search process has been enhanced and further complicated by technology, especially for those seeking work in the computer industry. Something that has remained the same since before the digital revolution, however, is the need for a strong CV to accompany your job application. Hiring managers and human resources departments still primarily focus on a candidate’s CV in order to determine suitability for a job. Below, you can find a programmer CV example to assist you in making your document the best it can be.
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Linda Murray

113 Circle Drive, Atlanta, GA 11111

E: T: 555-870-1299

Professional Summary

Innovative tech mind with 15 years of experience working as a computer programmer. Capable of working with a variety of technology and software solutions, and managing databases. Valuable team member who has experience diagnosing problems and developing solutions. Extensive expertise in networking systems and working with mainframe computers. Talented leader with unique ideas and a history of successful contributions in the field.

    -Solid background and advanced knowledge in computer development software including C++, Python, R, Spark, Visual Basic, and Maven. -Skilled in working with database management tools such as MySQL, Hadoop, Sybase, and MongoDB. -Highly organized with exceptional commitment to task completion and quality assurance when working with computer software programs. -Committed to delivering company objectives to projects and results to customers and improving each version of software I engage with. -Ability to solve complex problems successfully with minimal guidance or help using a logical reasoning technique and a strong attention to detail.
Work Experience
July 2011 – present

  • Solve software errors by running extensive testing processes and analyzing details about the program settings.
  • Review computer software program functionality and adjust capabilities to reflect project objectives, management input, or other feedback.
  • Lead the building process of new program development by managing all tasks and supervising the team of analysts and operators.

June 2008 – July 2011

  • Revised programming and software development projects by updating code and working to improve functionality.

  • Constructed workflow documents before beginning a new project in order to map out program design and ideas visually.

  • Lowered a software package’s error and bug rate by 87% with a new series of updates and programming revisions.

August 2002 – June 2008

  • Analyzed systems administration tools and programming input to help improve the software design of a product.
  • Documented each new update and revision of any type of software project by using comments in the instructions area of the code.
  • Improved the efficiency of an e-commerce suite of enterprise software by more than 60% with revisions and workflow changes.

Certified Computer Professional

Institute for the Certification of Computing Professionals
Bachelor of Science in Computer and Information Systems

Georgia State University
Atlanta Georgia
Hobbies and Interests

After my work day ends each day, I work on hobbies that are based on computers and technology. I am a volunteer at a local community technology venture that aims to bring high-tech devices to low-income neighborhoods. I work with local vendors to get technology donations onto a portable technology bus that visits various parts of the city several times a week. On the bus, I assist young people and the elderly with getting connected.

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Programmer CV Must-Haves

What Does a Programmer Do?

A computer programmer works mostly with computer software design and development. Generally, programmers spend most of their working time writing and revising computer programming code for software programs and digital tools. They may consult with project managers and computer software developers before designing a plan of action. With their team, they may discuss potential software goals for each project and map out a visual blueprint of the possibilities before starting on the code. Then, computer programmers spend much of their time tackling the coding process. In the programmer CV example, there are also many opportunities for programmers to work on revisions for improving projects later down the timeline. Additionally, programmers work hard to fix errors and bugs as they pop up during the process.

Tips for Creating a Great Programmer CV

This in-demand job can be yours if you follow all of the best practices for writing an effective CV. Here are some additional ways your CV can be more effective in this industry:

– Provide as much detail as possible about your experience with common programming language and technology tools.
– Showcase your career achievements and highlight your leadership abilities by including times you led a programming team or project.
– Discuss your ability to stay focused and solve difficult problems.
– List your professional experience from the past 10 years or so in reverse chronological order, and include your most relevant job duties that you completed each day.
– Give evidence of your qualifications by detailing any certification information that shows you have met the licensure requirements (if required).
– Avoid font sizes smaller than 10-pt.


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