Prep Cook Cover Letter Example + Tips

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Cover letters are designed to supply information that cannot be found in your resume, catching the eye of a potential employer. Having a letter that is tailored to your industry will help you demonstrate your knowledge in the field. In crafting a strong prep cook cover letter, you have the ability to introduce the potential employer to skills and knowledge that make you an exception choice for the position. Review this free prep cook cover letter sample to gain insights on writing your own cover letter.

Dear Mr. Eaton,

The prep cook position in your restaurant Flavor du Jour is a challenging position that my professional experience has prepared me for. My knowledge of cooking and food safety make me an ideal candidate for this position.

Your job listing states that you are in search of prep cooks with knowledge of health and safety rules in the kitchen. I have received all necessary health certifications to work in a kitchen in New York State. I have also completed annual safety training to help me remain current on best practices.

I am willing to work diligently to improve while on the job. I am able to use skills I already have while learning the particulars of your kitchen to be able to quickly prepare the necessary ingredients. My cooking skills will also be of assistance when preparing basic dishes, allowing the kitchen to expedite service and improve customer satisfaction.

I am eager to begin working as a prep cook and am available to start working immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to discussing this with you further in an interview.

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What to Include in a Prep Cook Cover Letter

As demonstrated in the free prep cook cover letter sample, your cover letter will typically include a few simple topics. Successful cover letters will have an opening that states the position that is being applied for and a closing that thanks the hiring manager for their time and consideration. The main paragraphs of the letter should include information that is not in the resume, including skills and personality traits that are necessary for the position, or awards that might make you stand out from other candidates.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Be sure that your adjustments to the free prep cook cover letter sample accurately represent you and are relevant to the job you are applying for. Consider adding these industry-specific terms as well.

● Manual dexterity: Knife knowledge and skills and the operation of other kitchen utensils are typically required by this position.
● Communication skills: Understanding what is needed by other people in the kitchen and being able to communicate clearly about those items is necessary for prep cooks.
● Physical stamina: Prep cooks often spend many hours a day standing or working in hot kitchens.
● Food safety knowledge: The ability to prepare, maintain, and store food in a safe and healthy way is needed in this position.