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2021 Resume Templates to Get You Hired Faster

Don't make the mistake of underestimating the importance of a well-written resume. You should customize each resume you create for the particular job you want. Hiring managers can tell if you're lazy if you fail to tailor your resume to the job at hand. If you want to impress hiring managers, start by creating an exceptional resume that sums up your qualifications well. Using a resume template is a great way make sure you format your document properly.


If you want to impress hiring managers, start by creating an exceptional resume that sums up your qualifications well.

Every resume has specific parts (or sections). You need to familiarize yourself with resume formatting before you can create your own document. We offer a variety of resume templates you can use to help you get started. Feel free to check them out if you have questions about what to include in your own document.

2021 Resume Templates

Professional Resume Template



Our professional resume template is a great choice for most entry-level jobseekers as well as experienced professionals because it has a standard format. An entry-level worker may prefer to play it safe with the professional resume template because it's almost universally accepted. A professional resume is commonly accepted in most fields from hospitality to labor.

Kevin Peterson, the sales manager for C.R. Doors and Moulding, discusses the prevalence of this resume style in his industry. About hiring new salespeople or laborers, he says, "I typically expect to see a traditional resume format. For positions like this, fancy formatting isn't really expected or required."

A professional resume is a good choice for many jobs, including sales, administrative, and customer service roles. Remember to keep it succinct, free from errors, and well-organized. Refer to our resume templates for more inspiration.


Blueprint Resume Template



The blueprint resume template is bold and demands attention. Rather than using understated black fonts, it uses a blue font for all headers. This helps the important information stand out. Additionally, our blueprint resume template uses a larger, heavier font than most other styles. This is also done to help the document stand out and get noticed by hiring managers. Due to its daring nature, a blueprint resume is a good idea for professionals seeking high-level, management positions.

But this resume template isn't just for upper management. Candidates in creative industries can also benefit from choosing this resume style. So if you work in graphic design, marketing, and event planning, then this resume template will help you come across as self-assured, competent, and capable of thinking outside the box. Remember, your resume is one of your most effective branding tools. Use it to brand yourself boldly, and you're more likely to get the attention you want.


Refined Resume Template



The refined resume template is neat, well-formatted, and sophisticated. It lets hiring managers instantly recognize that you're organized, detail-oriented, and straightforward.

This is a great choice if you're pursuing a mid-level or upper-level role in a company. Use clean lines and easy-to-read text. This makes it easy for hiring managers to quickly review the most important parts of your document. Clearly label your headers. Look at your resume when you're done with it. Does it look easy to read?

This resume style is often used in industries that call for a great deal of organization. It's appropriate to use the refined resume format if you want to come across as a committed, competent, and detail-oriented job candidate. If you're trying to land a role that requires exceptional attention to detail, a refined resume will meet your needs. Examples include web developers, executive assistants, and accountants.


Artistic Resume Template



If you're looking for a job as a photographer or graphic designer, it's essential to showcase your creativity in your resume. Most jobseekers think of resumes as buttoned-up, sophisticated documents, but your resume is also a space to express yourself.

However, thinking too outside the box will turn off many recruiters and hiring managers. That's why we like this artistic resume template. The use of red and black makes it stand out, but the format is still organized and easy to read. Neither an applicant tracking system or recruiter will have trouble reading this resume.

Hiring managers in certain industries appreciate resumes with creativity. Some of these fields include advertising, fashion, publishing, and photography. Make sure your resume catches hiring managers' attention for the right reasons. Infuse a splash of color into your document, as we did. Be careful with graphics, even if you are a graphic designer.

It's easy to go overboard and create a document that's too flashy, even for artistic industries. Our artistic resume templates can help you create a document that's bold and attracts attention without being over-the-top.


White Space Resume Template



Whitespace can draw attention to certain areas of your resume, so it's a great choice for popular industries that receive a lot of resumes. Most hiring managers only spend six seconds reviewing each resume they receive. That doesn't give you much time to impress. This resume template emphasizes those whitespaces, which makes it easy to read.

The whitespace resume template is great for entry-level positions as well as mid- and upper-level positions. For entry-level positions, the whitespace resume template is ideal because you don't need a lot of information to fill it up. For higher level positions, the whitespace resume can help hiring managers to sift through larger job history and skills sections.

In short, a white space resume format is appropriate for most industries and jobs. Use our white space resume template when creating your document in this popular style.

If you want to get hired for a great job, the first thing you need to do is create a great resume. Our convenient resume templates can help. Try the MyPerfectResume's resume builder, which is perfect for creating your own personalized document. Use it today to build your professional, customized resume from scratch.

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