Resident Assistant Cover Letter Example & Templates

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Your cover letter is a make-or-break first step toward any new job. Often it is the essential feature that dictates whether your application moves you on to an interview or sits in a pile of resumes. To get the most out of yours, it needs to be focused. Check out this free resident assistant cover letter sample to see what that looks like when you are applying for a resident assistant job.

Dear Dean Farnsworth,

I have been an active and involved student during my first two years at this university, participating in the community in any way I can. That is why I was pleased to see the school posted a job opening for a resident assistant. I believe that I am the ideal candidate for this position, both because of my skills and because of my involvement in university life.

During my first year in the residence halls, I served on our community council and learned how the discretionary budgets and programming for each individual hall works. After that, I spent a year in the Residence Hall Association as an elected representative, where I traveled to business meetings with other schools and learned what it takes to build a strong learning and living community.

I also have strong communication and leadership skills that were further developed by the workshops at these events. On top of that, my degree focus is in public administration, and a position like this one is an ideal place to begin my career.

As an active member of the university community whose roles have always involved close contact with residence hall staff, I am sure that I would be a great fit for this position. I would love to have the chance to continue discussing why in an interview.

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What to Include in a Resident Assistant Cover Letter

This free resident assistant cover letter sample does a great job of demonstrating how to position your experience and your goals for the job, and when you are applying for a position like that of resident assistant, it is important to reflect on that. This is a part-time job for students, so the sample focuses on how the job would be useful to the applicant’s development as well as shows how the applicant’s interest and experience would help on the job.

Industry Specific Skills

As the free resident assistant cover letter sample shows, this position is an entry-level residence life or student affairs position. As such, it shares most of the same core skills as the rest of that industry.

● Strong communication: The job of resident assistant is a community-building and community-maintenance position, requiring clear and personable communication skills.
● Flexibility: Since you live where you work and have to respond to emerging situations as they come up, applicants must know how to move when they are needed.
● Positive attitude: Leading by example starts with an attitude that makes everyone want to participate and contribute, which is vital for this job.
● Dependability: When a residence hall has an “all hands on deck” situation, every resident assistant needs to be present and focused.