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Merchandise Associate

What It’s Like To Work In The Merchandise Associate Field

A merchandise associate works for a product manufacturer and represents that manufacturer’s offerings to retail locations and distributors. The job of a merchandise associate is largely limited to installing marketing materials and checking on product inventory. The merchandise associate works side by side with retail and distribution customers to make certain that everything in the product channel is working as it should.
The merchandise associate also helps to set up training sessions for retail and distribution employees for sales and product handling. The merchandise associate works with the logistics departments of each customer to make certain that deliveries are arriving on time.

Benefits Of Working In The Merchandise Associate Field

A merchandise associate who shows ability and a strong sense of responsibility can move up the ladder in a company very quickly. A side benefit of being a merchandise associate is that the constant contact with clients means that job offers to work for those clients are always plentiful. The professional networking potential alone for a good merchandise associate is well worth the work and time spent on the road.

Why You Need A Cover Letter

A good merchandise associate cover letter will indicate what kinds of point of sale and inventory systems you are familiar with and how much work you have done in installing marketing displays. Your merchandise associate also needs to indicate what volume of product you are used to working with to give a hiring manager an idea as to whether or not you can handle the workload. At MyPerfectResume, we have the merchandise associate cover letter templates and samples that you can use to create an effective and professional merchandise associate cover letter of your own.

Merchandise Associate Cover Letter Example