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Retail Sales Associate Cover Letter Example + Tips

When you meet someone for the first time, you often remember best what the person said, whether they communicated clearly and if they were interesting. Your cover letter for your resume serves as an introduction to your skills and experience, and should make the interviewer want to know more about you. It is also important to relate your cover letter to the specific retail environment that you are applying for. Looking at this free retail sales associate cover letter sample is helpful to get ideas for writing your own cover letter. Check out this sample and the other tips to make the best impression with your writing.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am interested in the Game Mart retail sales associate position that was advertised on your website. I am hoping to further my career in sales, and I feel that your position is the ideal opportunity because I am knowledgeable in many aspects of computer gaming.

Currently I work at Handy Hardware, where I keep the store aisles clean and help customers find the products they are looking for. I especially enjoy providing great customer service so that customers get exactly what they need for their household projects.

I would like to expand my knowledge of the retail environment by getting a position where I work in sales full time. I desire to learn point-of-sale skills in addition to working more with customers. My attention to customer service as well as my knowledge of the gaming industry would be a good fit for your Game Mart location.

I am a motivated individual who is looking to advance in the retail industry. Thank you for your consideration of me for this position. I look forward to discussing this job opportunity with you in the near future.

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What to Include in a Retail Sales Associate Cover Letter

Be sure to mirror the language in the job description in the writing of your cover letter. As with this free retail sales associate cover letter sample, never write a letter that is more than a page long. You want to give the interviewer an appealing glimpse of your skills and experience that will make them want to continue on to your resume.

Industry Specific Skills to Include

Of course you will tailor your cover letter to fit the particular job that you are applying for, but you also want to add some extra quality by mentioning specific skills you have. When mentioning aptitudes in your letter, be sure to give an example of how you display these skills, following the example set in this free retail sales associate cover letter sample.

● Service-Oriented: The customer always comes first with their wants and needs. A sales associate needs to be friendly and responsive to customers.
● Communication Skills: Retail sales demand great communication skills in both listening and speaking to best address customer needs.
● Consistency: Sales associates need to be consistent in following the policies of the employer regarding sales campaigns and company procedures.
● Sales Skills: Persuasiveness and knowledge of sales techniques are a plus to mention.


Cover Letter Examples by Industry

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