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If you are seeking an accountant position, you are likely good with numbers and math, but writing a curriculum vitae may be more of a challenge. Even people who have written them before can benefit from a review of the basic principles of a CV, so if you want to make your accountant CV the best it can be, consulting our accountant CV example as well as the included tips can help you get started on composing your own. With these resources at your disposal, you have everything you need to create a winning CV.


Amy Kent

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: email@email.com P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Proficient in accounting across multiple contexts and environments. Prior experience ranges from work setting in company of 25 to working amongst a company of 300. Adept at all functions of accounting, including balancing sheets, processing payments, managing accounts payable, and providing executive administrative support. Also proficient in QuickBooks, Peachtree, Accounting CS, and many other accounting software platforms and applications that may be used. Dedicated to providing exemplary work and supporting the overall mission of the department and company.

  • Proficient in all major accounting software platforms
  • Exemplary communication skills in written and spoken form
  • Superior ability to handle multiple accounting tasks
  • Attention to detail throughout every aspect of work
  • Commitment to maintenance of accounting principles
Work Experience
Certified Public Accountant
March 2015-Present


  • Worked with clients and CFOs to resolve problems involving accounting errors, financial trouble, or account management.
  • Employed assistants and provided directives to maintain functions of the department and ensure tasks such as payroll were managed appropriately.
  • Developed and presented financial reports analyzing clients’ current accounting needs and proposing viable solutions.

Accountant Assistant
June 2014-March 2015


  • Worked under the certified public accountant head of the department to handle tasks such as payroll and accounts receivable.
  • Maintained constant contact with clients in order to ensure that their needs were met and their accounts were in satisfactory standing.
  • Completed accounting tasks such as contributing to financial reports, calculating payroll, and entering financial data.

Accounting Intern
April 2012-June 2014



  • Worked at company to develop the basic skills and knowledge necessary to pursuing a career in accounting.
  • Served accountants and accounting assistants by observing their work, contributing, and offering feedback on the processes employed.
  • Proposed organizational improvements to the company’s internship program and collaborated with department to create more effective feedback opportunities.


Certified Public Accountant


Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting


University School of Accounting
Hobbies and Interests

I have many hobbies and interests that I enjoy when I am not at work. I volunteer to judge and lead teams for the mathlete competitions at the local high school, and I also offer career and college training to seniors who are about to graduate. In addition to these activities, I volunteer at the soup kitchen, and I invest as much time as I can in my physical fitness. I accomplish the latter through running, jogging, swimming, and doing yoga throughout the week.


Accountant Job Overview and Tips

What Does Accountant Do?

An accountant, generally speaking, is responsible for handling much of an organization’s financial details and tasks. They may create a budget or design a quarterly forecast in collaboration with a company’s chief financial officer. Daily tasks include managing accounts receivable, completing payroll, and bookkeeping to track the company’s expenses and payments. Special accounting programs may be employed to assist in such tasks, and accountants are expected to be proficient in such platforms. If you are wondering how to include all of these qualifications in your CV, consulting our accountant CV example can give you an idea of where to start and how to make yours the best that it can be.

Tips for Creating a Great Accountant CV

Not all CVs are created equal, and if you want yours to stand out, consulting our example above is a great place to start. You might want some more guidance on how to make your accountant CV great, and the following tips offer exactly that:

  • Do include details on your current accounting licensing and certification as well as the dates of validity.
  • Don’t focus on generalities when you can be specific in naming the size of the companies you’ve worked for and the exact nature of the work you did.
  • Do highlight complementary skills, such as managerial experience, that may put you above competitors for a job.
  • Don’t describe job duties without offering the qualification and context of your accomplishments.
  • Do focus on your attention to detail and development of skills throughout your prior work history.
  • Don’t cite facts and figures that are not directly relevant to the role your position played in a company’s overall performance.

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