You might be getting ready to apply for a cost accountant job only to realize that the position requires a CV to be submitted with your application. If you do not have a curriculum vitae, or are unsure of how to write one, this might provoke some anxiety. Writing a CV is nothing insurmountable, though, when you have our cost accountant CV example at the ready. This, in conjunction with the tips we provide, can provide the guidance you need to write an exceptional CV and make yourself a top candidate for any position you may choose to pursue.


Amy Fenway

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Professional cost accountant with several years of experience in accounting tasks such as maintaining inventory, calculating liability, budgeting labor costs, and developing holistic budgets. Superior skills in these and other functions, including communication with staff and colleagues, development of solutions, and general accounting work. Prior experience ranges from working in a company of 25 to working in a multinational corporation of over 500. Experience in these contexts included managerial responsibilities and resulted in successful reduction of company overhead and 18 percent increase in profits.

  • Excellent ability to develop budgets and cut costs
  • Proficient in data management relating to business
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Skilled in developing solutions to problems through mathematical and deductive reasoning
  • Adept at calculating and interpreting data quickly and correctly
  • Proficient with accounting software, as well as software for financial analysis, tax preparation and enterprise resource planning
Work Experience
Cost Accountant
April 2016-Present


  • Performed audits of all inventory in order to calculate costs and determine potential sources of loss
  • Monitored the cost of labor, including expenses such as overtime and benefits, in order to maintain budget
  • Developed budget incorporating data from inventory analyses and labor cost monitoring so that company could effectively project profits

Senior Accounting Assistant
July 2014-April 2016


  • Worked alongside the rest of the accounting staff in order to perform general duties and resolve problems relating to accounting
  • Managed payroll by calculating employees’ wages, deductions, and any overtime wages due when applicable

Accounting Intern
August 2013-July 2014


  • Worked as an intern with accounting managers and developed knowledge of general practices, accounting software, and payroll management
  • Performed various accounting tasks such as gathering and entering data, preparing reports on data, and developing budgetary strategies
  • Communicated with clients and internal departments in order to ensure invoices were satisfied and data was entered correctly


Certified Public Accountant


Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting


Leary School of Accounting
Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy exercising outdoors through activities such as jogging, biking, hiking, and swimming. My commitment to physical health includes taking nutrition workshops and growing organic produce in a small backyard garden. I also enjoy volunteering my time at the YMCA, where I lead group fitness classes. In addition, I regularly present programs at the local library about organic farming and recycling.


Cost Accountant Job Overview and Tips

What Does a Cost Accountant Do?

As a cost accountant, you can expect your primary job responsibilities to include managing inventory, calculating the costs associated with a business, and strategizing ways to minimize those costs and maximize profits. You will be often tasked with supervising costs of labor and inventory, in particular, as these are often the costliest parts of a business. You should be able to effectively calculate such figures, utilize accounting software to track them, and interpret them along with suggestions for improvements and solutions to problems that can be implemented. If you want to incorporate all of this into your CV, but you aren’t sure how, reviewing our cost accountant CV example may provide some ideas for how yours should look and what exactly should be included in its text.

Tips for Creating a Great Cost Accountant CV

The sample CV for cost accountant positions should offer some helpful hints that will inspire you to get started on your own cost accountant CV. If you would like so additional tips, though, you certainly aren’t alone. These do’s and don’ts are also good to consult as you begin writing:

  • Do provide examples of your success in lowering costs or increasing profits as a result of your work.
  • Don’t omit skills, such as managerial experience, that may be beneficial to you later in your career path in potential for promotions.
  • Do show potential employers that your career has had an upward trajectory over its course.
  • Don’t detail your job experience without qualifying its relevance to the position that you are currently applying for.
  • Do demonstrate that your accounting experience includes various responsibilities, and that you are skilled in multiple specializations.
  • Don’t overstate or understate your prior experience in an attempt to improve its appearance.
  • Do customize your CV, but without including personal information such as political views.

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