Most jobseekers are aware of how important a high-quality CV is to get hired for a job with a good company. In the finance and accounting industry, this is no different. Those who want to work as financial advisors must prove their worth to a hiring manager by putting together an attention-getting job application file. In the space below, you can see how to do this by looking at finance CV examples that maps out the essential sections and recommended wording for this type of industry.

Martin Gopher

123 Fake Street, City, State, Zip Code

E: P: 000-000-0000

Professional Summary

Strategic and knowledgeable financial advisor with more than 13 years of experience in the industry. Proven background in bringing in top clients and high levels of new business throughout career. Expert understanding of asset strategies, investment techniques, market analysis, and diverse portfolio management. Focus on building relationships with clients and forging partnerships with community businesses. Stellar communication and time-management skills with an unending passion and drive for reaching business and financial goals.


  • Outstanding computer skills with proficiencies in top finance and accounting software programs like Fund, Sage 50, Excel, Dynamics, and Hyperion.
  • Highly developed writing and communication skills, giving my clients a confident and clear method of understanding their account details and progress.
  • Strong devotion to delivering incredible customer service to all my clients and maintaining a strong relationship with each individual.
  • Exceptional sales and marketing knowledge and a highly persuasive personality, which helps me recommend the best products and services to customers.
  • Demonstrate an enthusiasm for the financial industry and driven by an unending work ethic that pushes me to reach the loftiest goals each year.
Work Experience
Financial Advisor
May 2013 – present


  • Develop strategies for investment and wealth management for individual clients depending on income level, long-term goals, market conditions, and other factors.
  • Review daily market conditions in the investment market, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, securities, and other client interests.
  • Recruit new client activity and interest each week by attending local area networking events, leading to a 17 percent increase in new customer base.

Financial Advisor
March 2007 – May 2013


  • Assisted clients by steering them toward the right financial investment products for their specific situation and objectives for the future.
  • Collaborated with high-worth clients and their team of advisors to discuss best methods of asset management.
  • Increased revenue for investment firm by bringing in $4 million in new business during a calendar year.

Financial Advisor
January 2004 – March 2007



  • Created quarterly and yearly financial performance reports for client investment packages and products and presented information in periodic meetings.
  • Advised clients when financial situations drastically changed to better reposition their assets into protected accounts or higher earning possibilities.
  • Awarded with the highest achiever medal in the firm during the first two years of employment due to strong client retention and new business.


Master of Business Administration in Finance


University of Maryland
City, State
Bachelor of Science in Accounting


Richmond University
City, State
Hobbies and Interests

I participate in many different sports and active pursuits during my time away from the office. I am part of a recreational golf team and play the links whenever the weather is nice. I also am a member of a community flag football team and hold scrimmages and events every few weeks.

Questions for Your Financial Advisor CV

 How long should a finance CV be?

 You’ve probably heard the common advice to keep resumes to no more than one page, but optimal CV length can get a little trickier. It depends largely on your industry, as it’s not unusual for academic CVs to extend to three pages or more. However, your finance industry CV will likely skew towards the shorter end of the spectrum.In the end, your objective is to ensure your content is relevant, demonstrates that you have the qualifications the employer seeks, and proves that you can bring value to the organization. When in doubt, don’t exceed one page if you’re an entry-level professional, and keep your document under two pages if you’re a mid-career or advanced level jobseeker. If you need help creating your CV, our resume builder can help with step-by-step assistance and customized advice.

 How do you describe computer skills on your finance CV?

 As you can notice on this finance CV sample, the candidate mentions several types of software in his skills section. For this part of his list, he focuses on technical proficiencies such as Fund, Sage 50, and Microsoft Dynamics. Although those are specific accounting packages, keep in mind that professionals in your field may also need to know enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and office productivity tools.

 How do you highlight soft skills on a finance CV?

 While the skills section of your CV template usually focuses more on technical, language, equipment, or knowledge proficiencies, it’s also an appropriate place to mention industry-pertinent soft skills such as communication, relationship-building, and negotiation. Meanwhile, you can also describe soft skills in your professional summary, especially if they’re specifically mentioned in the job description. In fact, soft skills can help you define your professional brand and what you offer to potential employers.

 How do you write the experience section of your finance CV?

 Bullet points are your friends, as you may notice when reviewing this finance CV sample. As you write and format the work experience section, compose each responsibility or accomplishment in a bulleted phrase ending with a period. Avoid including personal pronouns and use past tense verbs for previous jobs and present tense for positions you currently hold.Speaking of verbs, you should open each sentence with a strong action verb that paints a definite picture of your actions. While you might default to words such as “managed” or “handled,” they don’t explicitly show hiring managers how you achieved objectives. Aim for specifics such as “operated,” “increased,” “administered,” or “recruited”

 How do you describe achievements on your finance CV?

 This finance CV sample illustrates one key best practice for standing out from other jobseekers: quantifiable metrics. The work experience portion is the perfect place to incorporate stats that show how you’ve improved processes, increased revenue, grown an organization’s client base, or saved time. Choose your metrics carefully, making sure they’re related to qualifications the employer mentions in the job description. Along with these, you could also call attention to special awards for service and achievement.

Finance CV Must-Haves

What Does Finance Do?

Financial advisor is a job that focuses on developing sound investment strategies for consumers and businesses. These individuals work with their clients to help better manage a portfolio of investments or their bank accounts.Each day, financial advisors discuss techniques and market conditions with their database of clients in person, through email, or on the phone. They may give their clients information about how specific markets are performing, what gains have been made, what losses are evident, and what steps should be taken in the future.Additionally, as you can see in the finance CV example, building new business is another big part of a financial advisor’s daily responsibilities. This position must also work to get new clients by meeting with people in various events and discussing the benefits of a partnership.

Tips for Creating a Great Finance CV

The most important thing to keep in mind when writing your CV is to make yourself stand out. Doing so could help you get an interview. Here are additional helpful tips:

  • List your proudest finance accomplishments throughout your work history to give an employer an idea of how your services have provided benefit.
  • Don’t forget to include any information about the number of clients you have helped recruit or dollar amounts of business you have been personally responsible for in finance.
  • Explain how you have been able to help your clients by discussing your customer service and communication skills for the finance industry.
  • Hook your reader with a compelling opening about your talents and most valued skills when you write the most important part of your CV: the professional summary.
  • Organize your work history and educational details by listing everything in reverse chronological order, starting with your most recent experience.

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