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Last Updated: March 22, 2023
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Personal bankers assist clients with money management, minimizing risk, and maximizing returns. This job covers tasks like explaining bank products to customers, opening and closing accounts, discussing loan requirements, and directing investments in money markets, CDs, and other financial vehicles.

Follow our resume examples and tips to create a resume that earns you a personal banker position.

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Personal banker example (text version)


Address: City, State, Zip Code
Phone: 000-000-0000


Accomplished Personal Banker driven to increase branch revenue through innovative sales strategies. Adept in client relationship building with in-depth knowledge of financial product and business assessment expertise.


Personal Banker, 06/2018 to Current
Company Name, City, State

  • Assisted customers with setting up or closing accounts, completing
    loan applications and signing up for new services.
  • Helped clients plan for and fund retirements using mutual funds and
    other options to manage, customize and diversify portfolio.
  • Built 16 referral business opportunities in 2019, expanding both the
    consumer and small business client base.

Licensed Personal Banker, 10/2015 to 02/2018
Company Name, City, State

  • Partnered with local organizations to provide specialized financial
    planning support to diverse populations with unique needs.
  • Boosted sales by 15% and exceeded sales target by employing
    consultative sales tactics and superior customer care.
  • Provided strong customer service, including listening carefully,
    assessing needs and responding to clients’ questions and issues.

Banking Assistant, 02/2011 to 10/2014
Company Name, City, State

  • Completed timely and efficient administrative functions, including receiving and sorting mail, preparing packages for delivery and scanning documents.
  • Processed vendor and supplier payments on weekly basis.
  • Used data entry skills to accurately document and input statements.


  • Financial services
  • Banking
  • Financial advisement
  • Financial product knowledge
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Sales expertise


  • Opened new accounts and assisted with transactions as needed.
  • Develop new banking relationships and deepen existing relationships through recommending relevant products and services to the branch’s clientele.
  • Provided credit, deposit or other banking services as well as counsel and advice to best meet clients’ needs.


BBA,Accounting And Business
Management,City, State

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Do’s and Don’ts for Your Resume

  • DO tailor your resume to the job. Experienced hiring managers can spot a generic “one size fits all” resume with just a glance. Rather than trying to shoehorn in all your skills and achievements, focus on highlighting skills and experiences that match the job description for the role you’re applying for. Address the position’s primary requirements through related skills and career accomplishments. For more advice on customizing your resume, see our article How to Create a Targeted Resume.
  • DO keep it short and crisp. Employers spend only a few seconds scanning a resume, on average, so keep your document short and sweet, using concise phrases and bullet points instead of long-winded sentences. Focus on your most relevant qualifications instead of listing everything you’ve ever done. Limit your work history to the past 10 years.
  • DO double-check your document. Make sure you review your resume before sending it out, looking out for any spelling or grammatical errors, not to mention any details that might be inaccurate, out of date, or irrelevant. If you use our Resume Builder to create your resume, its built-in tools will also review your document.
  • DON’T include references. There is no need to include references in your resume or even write “References available upon request” unless the recruiter specifies you do so. You have limited space to make the right impression, so devote your resume to your achievements and most important credentials. Keep a separate reference list that you can send in if needed.
  • DON’T use an unprofessional email address. Even something meant in the spirit of fun, such as an email address that contains “coolcat,” can make the wrong impression on a hiring manager. Keep your email address simple and professional — use an email with a username that contains your first and last name, and if necessary, a number or two.
  • DON’T share irrelevant personal information. Refrain from sharing personal details such as religion, birth date, and marital status. Hiring managers only need to know your contact details (such as phone number and email address), so don’t give them any reason to potentially discriminate against you, and limit yourself to career and education details that directly address the job.

Top 4 Characteristics of a Best-in-Class Personal Banker Resume

  1. Summary

    Convince recruiters you’re the right fit for the job by highlighting your best, most relevant skills and expertise in your summary statement. For example, when applying for a job that stresses strong customer service, communication, and conflict-management skills, feature these attributes, as in our example.

  2. Skills

    As this position relies on the ability to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, emphasize soft skills such as verbal and written communication, a positive approach, and attention to detail, as well as hard skills such as knowledge of specific software, analytical skills, and an understanding of financial documents.

  3. Work History

     List your accomplishments rather than everyday tasks, and boost them using tangible details and stars. For example, writing “boosted sales by 15%” and “supported assigned client base of 150 consumers” gives recruiters a better understanding of your capabilities.

  4. Education

    Include your top education credential (e.g., a college degree in accounting, business management or related field) along with any additional training or certifications, such as completion of an ABA Personal Banker Certificate program.

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